“A-120” One of the spooky characters in Roblox Doors is A-120. As you navigate The Rooms in the Hotel+ update, take note of these strategies for defeating it.

The most recent Hotel+ update for Roblox Doors has piqued fans’ curiosity and interest by offering a number of new frightening things that users must flee. The most recent version also includes a brand-new hidden mini-game called “The Rooms,” where players may try to obtain the coveted A-1000 achievement badge and open Roblox Doors’ night vision.

However, a number of hazardous creatures, like the infamous A-120, which exists specifically to terrorize those who come into contact with it, protect the road. Even worse, you can’t defeat it with a Crucifix because it is immune to it. This guide will cover all there is to know about A-120 in Roblox Doors, from its terrifying characteristics to how to defeat it in The Rooms.

A-120 in Roblox Doors: What Is It?


But first, let’s talk about what A-120 is and why it’s so terrifying before we show you how to defeat it in Roblox Doors. The static image in The Rooms depicts A-120, an AI-controlled organism that resembles a 2D pixelated happy face. It spawns immediately after you enter Door A-120, appearing from behind you, and resembles A-60 in many respects. When A-120 is near, you’ll hear metallic thumping noises, which get louder as it gets closer to you.

Due to its unpredictable nature and capacity to stalk players, A-120 in Roblox Doors is one of the game’s deadliest enemies. Roblox Doors’ A-120 is a perpetual source of anxiety and worry because it is always looking for players. It can also bounce back, sneaking up on you from behind when you least expect it. Players will have a really spine-chilling encounter with the A-120 because of its terrifying sound and visual effects.

How can I beat Roblox Doors’ A-120?

In Roblox Doors, defeating A-120 requires players to be nimble-witted and methodical in their moves. Enabling auditory cues will help you defeat A-120 by alerting you when it is around. Your only choice is to flee and hide since you are unable to destroy this thing. You must avoid it in order to move on to the next room, which is important. The only way to defeat A-120 in Roblox Doors is to go back where you came from and conceal yourself in a locker.

Tip: The previous room will always have a locker for you to hide in, despite the fact that A-120 can spawn in any room (regardless of whether it has or doesn’t have a locker). You’ll have 10 to 15 seconds to conceal yourself.

Players should also be aware of their surroundings and search for any artifacts or secret routes that can aid in their escape. Final warning: A-120 can rebound and attack you if you exit the locker before you hear the thumping sounds entirely end. A-120 is a difficult and terrifying beast, but with the right plan and quick thinking, players can defeat it and get out of the hotel. And with that, you now know everything there is to know about A-120 in Roblox Doors, both in terms of what it is and how to defeat it.

What sort of game is Doors?

Despite the fact that Doors is categorized as a horror game, it is actually very kid-friendly.

Imagine receiving an invitation to a well-known haunted hotel. After you arrive, proceed up to the reception and select an elevator (you can select one that holds 1, 2, 3, or 4 players).

There is no turning back now. To get to the exit, which is 100 doors away, you must make your way through the hotel, avoiding various “entities,” on your own.

How do you stay alive? That, of course, depends on what or who you run into.

Does Doors offer any opportunities for learning?

Many Roblox games (particularly those categorized as horror games) seem to have few or no teaching opportunities. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll see that Doors is a fantastic game for honing a number of abilities.

When playing with others, cooperation and communication are essential for success. If everyone is going to make it to the end, players will need to arrange hiding places. Together, you must also locate bandages for hurt players or keys to locked doors.

And the theme of Doors is tenacity and conquering obstacles. While playing, you will die quite a few times. Reaching the last door requires overcoming irritation and learning from past errors.

Along with practicing these fundamental skills, this entertaining game also teaches problem-solving, pattern recognition, planning, reading, and math.

How does one defeat Doors?

You must leave door 100 in order to defeat Doors. It may seem straightforward, but the experience, which is rife with challenging mini-games and unpleasant surprises, can be immensely irritating.

You can count on seeing the monster Figure at doors 50 and 100 every time you play, and it’s probable that you’ll run across Seek twice. However, other details are arbitrary, making every experience unique.

Even more intriguing, you can only learn how to withstand each monster after you’ve already succumbed to it. Watch a video on YouTube or read a tutorial.

Part of the game’s design requires you to figure it out as you play. Even though you know exactly what you must do to succeed, it’s still quite difficult.

Stop reading right now and go right in if you want to enjoy Doors as intended.


Since 2022, the door has been an option for homes being built from scratch, but this is the first time it is being sold individually.

Admittedly, this integration is much sleeker-looking than the majority of doors, and it is attractive to not have to change the batteries every six months or so.

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