How to Pair Bose Headphones. Avoid the frustrating pairing like a poor ’90s rock ballad: This article will show you how to connect or pair your Bose headphones with any device, including an iPhone and any PC. We recommend you look up our previous article on the Remarkable 3.

Pairing Bose Headphones

Any person, at any moment, using any device, can experience issues with pairing their Bluetooth headset. Even premium consumer headphone makers like Bose are not immune to these problems. Hence, the often question: how to pair Bose headphones.

Given their price, these headphones should provide an excellent listening experience. Instead, you cannot listen to anything until you cannot establish a connection. This might be incredibly annoying if you only want to relax with some music after a hard day at work.

But everything is OK! You can get everything fully up and running using our solutions.

How to Pair Bose Headphones Correctly

Ensure you’re using the proper pairing procedure before attempting to solve any pairing issues with your Bose headphones. Additionally, if you don’t know how to pair Bose headphones correctly, no other remedy will help you.

When it comes to how to pair with Bose headphones with or sync it with your devices, you have two choices. The Bose Connect App or the typical Bluetooth pairing procedure may be used to connect.

Changing the button functionalities and fine-tuning the noise cancellation level are just some of the capabilities available on the Bose Connect App.

How to Pair Bose Headphones: Steps Required to Connect With the Bose Connect App:

1. Install the Bose Connect App.

This is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

2. Next to your mobile device, turn on your Bose headphones.

To request a connection, the app should launch automatically. If not, all you need to do is launch the Bose Connect App, locate the picture of your headphones, and slide across to connect.

3. Tap “Ready to Play” when it appears at the bottom of your screen.

If this is your first connection using the Bose Connect app, you will be prompted first to set up the headphones and go through a tutorial of the app. Here, you can rename your headphones and discover the many things the app can do.

Unfortunately, iOS and Android-based mobile devices are the only platforms where you may download the Bose Connect App. 

How to Pair Bose Headphones: What to Do If the Bose Connect App Is Unable to Detect the Headphones

Despite many functions, the Bose Connect App is not entirely error-free. In reality, while pairing Bose headphones, one of the most frequent problems is that the Bose Connect App fails to recognize them.

Fortunately, there are several relatively simple actions you may take to deal with this kind of problem:

Activate the location permissions.

Although it might appear excessive for the Bose Connect App to be able to track your position, doing so is vital for your headset to function correctly.

One reason is that certain unique functions, like tracking headphones, depend on it.

Android platform apps must first obtain location permission to connect to Bluetooth devices. This is due to a 2018 upgrade that mandates location access when an app wants to use Bluetooth to look for other devices.

Verify the authenticity of your headphones.

Complaints have been made about imitation Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones being offered on Wish. Fortunately, suppose you are among the many people who purchased these allegedly fraudulent headphones. In that case, there is a straightforward method to dispel any concerns about the reliability of your headphones – simply link them to the Bose Link App.

Scammers can currently mimic the appearance and texture of genuine Bose headphones. Additionally, they might feature searchable serial numbers taken from actual Bose headphones.

Look for app updates.

Your Bose headphones may occasionally fail to pair if the app is out-of-date because of unresolved firmware problems. Additionally, your headphones and an out-of-date app might not be able to communicate correctly.

Fortunately, upgrading the app is simple. Simply check for any app updates in your app store.

How to Pair Bose Headphones: Connect Manually

You can manually connect if you’re still having trouble connecting to the Bose Connect App and need an immediate fix. It functions the same as any other Bluetooth device.

How to Pair Bose Headphones: Connecting Via Bluetooth

We outlined the most straightforward Bluetooth connecting procedures on how to pair your Bose headphones manually, so you can avoid hassle and get right to the sound. 

1. Verify that Bluetooth is activated on your device.

Go to your device’s settings (often shown by a gear icon) and confirm that the Bluetooth feature is turned on so that your device can identify your Bose headphones.

2. Look for the pairing button and hit it.

There is a little switch or button the same color as the hardware that you must press to activate your Bose’s pairing mode. 

A switch will be on the ear cuff of over-ear devices, like the QuietComfort 45s. The blue light will not begin to pulse until you slide the switch to the “on” position. 

The button for earphones, such as the QuietComfort II earbuds, is on the rear of the casing. For roughly 2 seconds, hold the button firmly in place. When you notice a blue light slowly blinking, let go of the button. 

The blue light on both in-ear and on-ear versions indicates that you have enabled Bluetooth on the Bose device and that your headphones are ready to link.

You’ll also hear a voice stating, “Ready to pair,” if the earbuds are already in your ears.

3. Choose the headphones from the list of Bluetooth devices.

Release the button when the light begins to flicker and check the Bluetooth device menu in the settings of your computer, tablet, phone, or Bose Music app. The Bluetooth device menu will show your Bose headphones as a connecting option. 

Put the headphones on or in your ears after selecting the Bose choice. 

The earphones will whoosh to indicate connectivity and then play a robotic voice informing you of a successful connection and the current battery level. 

Fortunately, the robot voice just indicates that your headphones are connected and ready for listening—not a Terminator-style takeover as of yet.

How to Pair Bose Headphones: The Best Way to Connect Bose Headphones to an iPhone

1. Turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your phone.

Toggle on the Bluetooth switch at the top of the Bluetooth option by going to Settings (the gear symbol) and selecting Bluetooth. 

For quick access, you may also slide down from the top-right corner of the home screen and turn on Bluetooth there.

2. Switch on the pairing mode on the headphones.

Either move the button on the cuff of over-ear headphones or press and hold the button on the casing of your Bose earbuds. Release the button once the blue light starts to flash. 

3. Pick an option from the Bluetooth device menu.

The Bluetooth menu will have a device connection option for the Bose headphones. Choose the Bose device, insert the earbuds or over-ear cans, and press the button. A robotic voice may have to wait as the phone buffers before announcing that the “connection was successful” and updating the battery level.

The procedure is the same whether you want to connect to an iPad or another iOS device.

How to Pair Bose Headphones: Conclusion

We hope you now understand how to pair your Bose headphones. Also that the Bose headphones are now functional and have no pairing issues. Your investment in these headphones can be invaluable.


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