The eerie game Red Door, Yellow Door was probably played at sleepovers or featured in TikTok compilations. Other names for it include Black Door, White Door, and Doors of the Mind. By playing this game while sedated, you can learn more about the What’s in Your Mind Magic Trick. Two brave players will lead each other through the doors inside their heads after completing the paranormal ritual.

What’s the meaning of a yellow door?

Bright and cheery, yellow entry doors look great in the houses of cheerful, optimistic people. Choosing a yellow door indicates that you’re an optimist and the cheerful colors you’ve used within your house most likely mirror your vivacious nature.

What is a red door?

A red door is a traditional way of saying “welcome” in early America. Weary travelers by horse and buggy would know that a home was a warm place to stay if the family had a crimson front door.

The rules of the game


There must be at least two players.
one who is in charge and is aware of the rules.
The second is the player who goes on the spooky journey through his mind’s doors.
However, there is no requirement that there be only two players. Everyone who is courageous enough can participate.


The game utilizes various elements to enhance the spooky atmosphere by communicating with the supernatural world.

  • a few candles.
  • Matches or lighters are acceptable.
  • A campfire is a suitable location for players to relax and sleep alone.
  • a cloth or eye mask to cover the players’ eyes.
  • either an alarm clock or a timer;
  • A comfortable surface for the player to rest their head on is sufficient, without the need for cushions. The leader’s lap is another possibility. ); and
  • a sound recording tool, such as a voice recorder.

Let’s get spooky and begin the game!

Step 1:

As soon as you are at ease and prepared to begin, perform the ritual. To concentrate and focus, find a quiet area.
The other player rests their head on the leader’s lap while wearing an eye mask or cloth over their eyes. The leader is seated cross-legged on the floor.
The participant relaxes, raises his or her hands, and closes his or her eyes. The rest of the game is played with his or her eyes closed.

Step 2:

The leader massages the second player’s temples while slowly but repeatedly chanting “red door, yellow door, any other color door” to induce a trance. ”
If there are others there, they can join in the chanting to aid the player in entering a dreamlike state.
Some leaders use a strategy of stating “You are in a corridor with many doors on both sides” during a game. You must investigate these doors and describe them to me. What do you see, hear, touch, and feel?

Step 3:

The game begins when the player is instructed to put their hands down when they see any images. The chanting will stop at this point, and the leader will then ask a few questions.
The leader asks the player to describe what they are seeing and feeling, such as the environment or their feelings.
When the leader asks a question, the subject must respond. He or she has to always respond.
The leader encourages the participant to try opening any doors they come across.
The subject’s emotions must be elicited by the leader because they are crucial to the game’s direction. Because things will almost always go wrong if the subject is not at ease.
The leader, who controls the dream state and coordinates the player’s movements, is crucial to the game.

Step 4:

The clock strikes. It is now time to return to reality. Using whatever language the leader deems appropriate, the player should be led back to reality. Before you wake up, you must close any doors that have been opened. The recording device should be turned off once everyone is aware.
The following inquiries can be used by the leader to ascertain the player’s mental state:

  • Are you outside or inside a room?
  • “Can you describe how the room looks?”.
  • Is this a place where you feel secure?
  • “Do you notice or sense anything connected to the door?”.
  • “How does that individual look?”.
  • “What do you think of this person?”.
  • Which color are the doors in the corridor?
  • “Are there more than one or two rooms?”.
  • What emotions do you have as you look at the green door?
  • The green door must be opened and entered.”

How to Play Red Door Yellow Door: Game-ending Strategies

It’s important to the game that you use an alarm clock, time stopper, or other tool to keep track of how long you’re in a trance.
Setting the clock is crucial, as it signals the player to break free from their trance and initiate the game. The guide is the one who takes the player from the dream state into the real world.

The guide’s choice of words is up to him, but it’s crucial to remember that when waking up from a dream, the awakening shouldn’t be sudden. The player should exit the trance, the corridor of doors should fade from view, and any open doors should be closed.
Once awake, adjusting to the outside world will take some time. To help the player become at ease in his surroundings and ease the transition to awareness, the guide will speak soothing words in slow, steady motions.

The person should be fully recovered and normalized, and any audio or voice recordings for later playback should be deleted. It is playable for later listening.

How to Play Red Door Yellow Door: Exploration

The player is expected to fully explore what his mind has to offer. You must pay close attention.
The player who pays close attention to every little nuance will win the game. What is nearby, what the player is wearing, and whether or not he has anything in his pocket—which could include something useful like a lock key—are all important factors.
Only if the guide uses his questions to draw the player’s attention and help them notice such things is all of this exploration possible.

The player should take a closer look at what he will encounter before exploring the rooms. His emotions are very important. He should be cautious and on guard if he has a bad feeling about a door, because that feeling is his mind telling him to be watchful.
When the player feels comfortable opening the door, he should do so after carefully examining the door’s color, shape, and size, as well as its doorknob and temperature.
The guide encourages exploration, but the player may resist entering a door, and the door should not be investigated if they display extreme reluctance.

Players should heed the following advice:

The player should avoid any person they encounter during their expedition as they may be tricked. A player is advised to leave the room right away if he or she enters one with a lot of clocks or watches. Clocks are enormous traps.
The player can choose where to go; however, it is advised to go up or down. The player can take any path and go anywhere.
Because there is a sense of uncertainty and evil in dreams, lighter objects and color schemes are preferable to darker ones.
If the player finds themselves locked in a room, they must make every effort to awaken because, once trapped, they will never be able to leave the dream state.
Because the player can pass away in both his reality and his dream state, death in this game is not a metaphor.
The player is advised to wake up and immediately end the game if they encounter a chilling and spooky man.
In case of an emergency, the leader is instructed to physically disengage the player from their trance and restore them to reality.

Bad Signs/Game Not Working:

Sometimes the game may not work because the player is too active to enter a trance state, and other times it may not work because the guide is unable to make the player uncomfortable. For the game to function, they must both work together.

The guide should intervene if the player is deeply absorbed or unable to speak, as evidenced by flickering candles, malfunctioning devices, or silence in dream states.

Conclusion of How to Play Red Door Yellow Door:

If you can follow the rules and play the game as intended, it is thought to be safer than other urban legends games.
That’s all there is to the Red Door, Yellow Door game. When playing this game with your friends and family, be careful, abide by the rules, and you’ll all have a blast.

FAQs on How to Play Red Door Yellow Door:

How do yellow doors function?

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What is the circular game that is red and yellow?

Winning Moves Games USA and the Milton Bradley Company are the producers of the physical skill game Twister. A sizable plastic mat is laid out on the ground or floor to be used for playing. The mat features six enormous colored circles arranged in four rows, each row having a distinct color: red, yellow, green, and blue.

How is a yellow door opened?

In Super Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid: Samus Returns, yellow hatches—also referred to as yellow doors—are a particular kind of door. Power Bombs can demolish them; once opened, they become Blue Doors permanently, and they don’t require another Power Bomb to open.

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