Learning how to conduct a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is always a good idea. This is useful for situations where restarting the watch is unable to resolve specific problems. Among the newest models to feature Google’s Wear OS is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This year saw its release, and it has several helpful health-related functions that let you monitor your fitness.

This smartwatch has many amazing characteristics, such as an AMOLED display, an IP68 rating, and a battery life of more than two days on a single charge. Thus, we’ll be demonstrating the various methods for resetting your watch in this post.

How Can My Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Be Soft Reset?

A soft reset can fix a lot of issues with your Galaxy Watch 4, especially if it has been on for a long time or if you are having trouble with it but don’t want to conduct a factory reset. Resetting the watch gently is equivalent to turning it off and back on.

To do a soft reset, there are two methods. One starts by tapping the watch’s buttons, while the other makes use of the fast panel.
Using the physical buttons, you can soft reset your Galaxy Watch 4 in the following ways:

  • Using your Galaxy Watch 4, press and hold both buttons.
  • Choose Switch off.
  • Hold off till the watch shuts off.
  • To restart the watch, press and hold the power/home button.

Using your phone, learn how to factory reset a Galaxy Watch 4

To do a factory reset using your phone, you must first connect your Galaxy Watch 4 to it. It must also be close enough to communicate with your phone over Bluetooth. After that, you can use the Samsung Wearable app to start the reset.
Using your phone, follow these steps to factory reset a Galaxy Watch 4:

  • Place the watch close to your phone, turn it on, and make sure it is Bluetooth-connected to the phone.
  • On your phone, launch the Samsung Wearable app, then choose Watch Settings.
  • After swiping down, choose General.
  • After swiping down, choose Reset.
  • Click Reset to make sure.

How to Clear the Data on a Galaxy Watch 4 Through Factory Reset

A Galaxy Watch 4 can also be factory reset right from the watch:

  • Pull down from the primary watch face.
  • Choose Settings.
  • After swiping down, choose General.
  • After swiping down, choose Reset.
  • Choose Reset.
  • You’ll instantly see your watch reset.

How to Use the Quick Panel to Perform a Soft Reset on My Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch

Using the fast panel, follow these instructions to soft reset your Galaxy Watch 4:

  • To reach the fast panel, swipe down on the main watch face.
  • Click the icon for power.
  • Choose Switch off.
  • Hold off till the watch shuts off.
  • Holding down the power/home button will cause the watch to turn back on.

What distinguishes a Galaxy Watch 4’s factory reset from a soft reset?

A Galaxy Watch 4 may be soft reset just like any other device by turning it off and back on. It is equivalent to turning off and back on your laptop, computer, or phone, which is nearly always the first thing you do when troubleshooting an issue. The procedure won’t erase any of your data from the watch because all you’re doing is turning it off and back on. Install the Galaxy Wearable app, choose Start, and then follow the steps on the screen to complete the process.

On my Galaxy Watch 4, how can I change it?

After attaching the charger to the charger port and plugging it into an outlet, position the Galaxy Watch on the charging dock with its back toward the station’s center. Place a Galaxy Watch on any Qi-compatible charging station or a PowerShare-capable Galaxy phone to charge it without a charger.

How can I shut down my Samsung Watch 4?

Holding down the Home button while choosing Power Off will switch off the Galaxy Watch 4. As an alternative, you can enter the fast panel by swiping down from the top of the screen and then choosing the Power Off icon.


If I don’t have my phone, how can I unpair my watch?

Alternatively, if you know your passcode, you can wipe and unpair your Apple Watch by going to Settings → General → Reset; however, the following method is quicker. You can go to icloud.com and delete your Apple Watch from Settings → My Devices if you need to wipe and unpair it without your iPhone.

How do I reset my Series 3 Apple Watch without my phone and password paired?

After placing your Apple Watch on the charger, press and hold the side button to bring up the sliders. To display the erase all content and settings screen, press and hold the digital crown. To ensure this, touch Reset once again after the initial tap.

How can a locked Apple Watch 3 that was owned by someone else be unlocked?

If the former owner doesn’t want to help you remove the activation lock, urge them to contact Apple Support or come with you and the watch to a Genius Bar appointment. Don’t forget to bring the original proof of purchase for the watch. Reach out to Apple Support Officially.

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