How to Take a Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop: Do you wish to take a screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop or any laptop for that matter. You have a choice between using the built-in tools in Windows or a third-party application that offers a variety of functions, depending on your needs.

Both approaches are covered in this article.

How to Take a Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop: Utilizing the Snip & Sketch Tool

Using the integrated Snip & Sketch tool to take a screenshot is the quickest and most efficient method.

Holding the Windows + Shift + S keys together will cause your screen to dim and a little menu to appear at the top of your screen.

The Rectangular snip and Free-form snip choices are available if you only want to take a screenshot of a certain area of the screen.

Depending on your demands, choose Windows snip or Full-screen snip if you wish to capture the complete screen.

A notification box will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen once you’ve selected the entire screen or a portion of it. To open your snapshot in Snip & Sketch, click there. By choosing “Save As,” or by clicking “Ctrl + S,” you can do this. If a screenshot doesn’t trigger a popup, ensure that you enabled your notification settings and that Snip & Sketch has permission to alert you.

Utilizing the Snip & Sketch Tool

Snipping Program is a different program that does many of the same things as Copy Tool and more if you’re still on Windows 10 or an earlier version of Windows.

By entering Snipping Tool into the Windows search bar and pressing Enter, you may get this oh-so-useful program. Instead of opening the overlay, this will launch the actual application.

A useful feature, without a doubt, is the app’s ability to take screenshots after a 3–5–10-second wait, unlike the overlay.

When a screenshot is taken, a tiny preview of it will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen.

You will have more options when you click it, including the ability to further crop and annotate the image as you see fit.

Once finished, simply click Ctrl + S to save the screenshot.

Which should you use: Snip & Sketch or the Snipping Tool?

With the release of Windows Vista, the Snipping Tool became the standard application for screenshotting. In 2018, the Snip & Sketch Tool took its place.

With the introduction of Windows 11, the “issue” of choosing between the two was finally resolved when they were combined into a single program.

How to Take a Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop: The Print Key’s usage

  • On your keyboard, press the Print or PrtSc key to snap a screenshot as well.
  • On the majority of Lenovo laptops, you must simultaneously press PrtSc and Fn. Attempt hitting Windows + PrtSc if that doesn’t work.
  • If the display briefly fades, you’ll know that a screenshot was taken.
  • Windows and PrtSc will automatically save a screenshot to the following location:
  • Users[Your Username] Pictures on the computer Screenshots
  • On the other hand, pressing the PrtSc key alone copies the screenshot to your clipboard rather than saving it.
  • The next step is to open any image editing program (Paint or Photoshop would work just fine), paste the screenshot, and then save the image where you want it to be.

Using the Xbox Game Bar

  • If you want to capture screenshots while you’re playing, the Xbox Game Bar is a respectable choice.
  • Click Windows + G to access it, or type Xbox Game Bar into Windows Search and click Enter.
  • You might also use your Xbox 360/Xbox One controller’s Xbox button to unlock it.
  • The screenshot button will typically be present in the Xbox Game Bar’s upper-right corner.

How to Take a Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop: Using Apps from Third Parties

Third-party programs can frequently be more useful because they offer a variety of functions, including filtering, captioning, automation, etc.

These are some apps to look into:


An open-source snapshot and screen capture program called ShareX offers a wide range of editing capabilities for the typical user.

The main benefit of utilizing ShareX over alternative apps is that it offers strong social media integration and enables you to automatically share screenshots online.

Additionally, it has the ability to record sounds from the screen.

Typically, ShareX saves all information to C: Users[Username]Documents. ShareX.

By going to Settings, selecting the Paths tab, and then turning on the “Use custom screenshots folder” tick, you can modify the default directory.


This popular “companion” software is jam-packed with features and a fantastic tool for taking screenshots and videos, among other things.

Press Alt + F1 to take a screenshot with GeForce Experience.

Press Alt + F2 to open the Ansel menu before using any apps that support Ansel. From there, you can experiment with a wide range of options.

Finally, by hitting Alt + Z, you can display the save location for your movies and screenshots.


Another fantastic tool for taking screenshots is Lightshot.

After installing it, all you have to do is press Fn + PrtSc to choose the area of the screen you want to save as a JPG file.

Your screenshots will by default be saved in the folder C: Users [Username] Documents Lightshot.


You can easily take any desired screenshot on a Lenovo laptop once you have mastered the techniques for doing so. Although the built-in tools and shortcuts are simple to use, they contain few editing or annotation features. Use Awesome Screenshot & Recorder for a comprehensive solution to take screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, record videos, edit photographs, upload them to the cloud, and share them with ease.

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