“How to turn off motion photos” Motion Photo is a feature that records a few seconds of video before and after you take a photo on your Android device. You can relive the moments before and after taking the photo. However, some users might find this function unneeded or bothersome and choose to turn it off. How to disable moving photos on Android

What is a Motion Picture?

How to Turn Off Motion Photos

A video is an image accompanied by a very short video excerpt. When you record a video on your Android smartphone, it records a short video in the form of several additional images beyond the moment you captured it.
In the standard Android camera app, the video photo setting is called “Top Shot.” This is because you can select the best image and convert it into a still image. This is useful if you take a photo, but the subject closes their eyes, looks away, or does some other undesirable thing at the moment you take the photo. Another purpose of taking motion pictures is to capture small amounts of movement rather than just static moments. You’ll still get a still image, but you’ll also get some movement as an added bonus.

How to Turn Off Motion Photos: What is a Top Shot?

However, Top Shot allows you to choose images where your subject doesn’t have their eyes closed or are looking away, and Google Assistant uses built-in intelligence to automatically select these ideal images in most cases. Find it in

How to Disable Moving Photos on Android

Step 1:
Open the Camera App

To disable moving photos, first open the Camera app. This can usually be accessed from the home screen or app drawer. When you open the app, you’ll see a camera interface with various options and icons.

Step 2:

Go to Camera Settings

Accessing the camera settings is the next action. The gear symbol is located in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap it to start. This will open the camera settings menu, where you can customize various camera features.

Step 3:
Turn Off the Motion Photo

Scroll down the camera settings menu and find the “Moving Photo” option. Once you find it, flick the switch to turn it off. The switch will change from “on” to “off,” disabling the Motion Photo function.

Step 4:
Save Settings

After turning off Motion Photo, tap the Back button or Save option, depending on your device, to save your settings. This will return you to the camera interface and save your settings.

How to Turn Off Motion Photos: How to Re-Enable Video Photos on Your Android Device

If you actually want to use the video feature, you can turn it back on the same way you turned it off. How to enable video photos on Android:

Open the camera app and, if not already selected, select the photo mode.
Select the options icon.
To allow motion photographs, tap On or Automatic next to Top Shot.


How Can I Make a Video Out of a Motion Picture?

In Google Photos, you can convert a motion picture to a video. After selecting the Motion Photo, go to More (three dots) > Export > Video. The new movie will appear in the same folder as the original motion picture.

How Do I Distribute a Motion Photo?

To share a Motion Photo, first turn it into a video (Google Photos > choose the photo > More > Export > Video). You can then send it to your contacts, even if they don’t have an Android device. This is also the best method for sharing a Motion Photo on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

Conclusion on How to Turn Off Motion Photos:

Motion photography is a fun tool that adds a distinctive touch to your photos, but for some people, it can be distracting or superfluous. If you find it ineffective or unpleasant, you can disable it easily and without any technical knowledge. You may quickly switch off motion photos on your Android handset and snap proper images by following the methods outlined above.

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