“How to Turn Off Typing Sound on an iPhone” iPhone users frequently experience trouble with the keyboard’s sound. There are additional steps involved in muzzling keyboard clicks on the iPhone, despite the fact that the device contains a physical switch for doing so.
It can be a little challenging to control keyboard noises on an iPhone because the physical switch works for texts, calls, and other alerts.

The Weird iPhone Sounds

You can hear some strange sounds when using an iPhone or an iPad. Users of iOS 13 might have heard a few strange clicking noises on their iPhones, for instance. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Swiping up the screen causes a soft clicking sound.
  • When you tap and hold any apps on your screen, there is a clicking sound.
  • Choosing a feature on the control panel
  • Turning on various settings in the Settings app
  • Zooming capabilities for photographs and web browsers

The Issue With Unknown Sounds

The annoying aspect of these issues is that you are unable to pinpoint their source. On iPhones, users occasionally reset the noise, experiment with the vibration settings, and switch to silent mode. But the issue might still exist.

The Mute Switch Does Not Disable Keyboard Sounds

Turning on the mute button to stop keyboard clicks might be a simple fix. Sadly, though, it doesn’t stop talking. The iPhone’s keyboard sounds are audible. Additionally, you can still hear the lock sound, the camera shutter, and the virtual keyboard’s typing sound.

How to disable the keyboard and click sounds on an iPhone

Disabling the keyboard and clicking sounds on an iPhone requires a different method. On an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to mute or unmute the keyboard sounds.

Launch the Settings app

To access your iPhone’s settings, first tap the Settings button. The control center or the main menu are both ways to access it.

Getting to Sounds

To configure various sounds, go to the Sounds option in the Settings app. All of the iPhone’s sound options use this app. Therefore, you can adjust the level, the keyboard clicks, and other sounds on your iPhone.

Where to Find the Sound Switches

Find the switches that control sound settings under the Sounds section. Scroll to the bottom of the Sounds page to locate these choices.
Disconnect the switches.
Two switches should be visible; one controls the lock sound, the other the keyboard sound. Depending on your needs, you can choose which sounds you want to turn off.
Turn off the keyboard and click noises in this situation.

Have fun with silent typing!

Keyboard clicks on your iOS device should stop when you toggle the buttons off. Likewise, if you need to play important sounds, you can switch them back on.
You shouldn’t hear any keyboard or locking clicks on your device when you turn the switches off.

How to Turn Off Typing Sound on an iPhone: Is This Method Compatible With All iPhones?

Yes. Any Apple device can use the procedure, which is fairly simple and independent of the model and iOS version. Therefore, you can similarly disable the keyboard sound on an iPhone or an iPad.

Alternative Techniques for Disabling Keyboard Sound

Muting the iPhone is another quick and easy technique to entirely disable the iOS keyboard click sounds. You won’t hear any audio output or keyboard sounds because it turns off all of the phone’s sounds.
Press the tiny button in the upper left corner of your iPhone to silence it.

How can I stop the iPhone 13’s keyboard from clicking?

Since the iPhone 13 is one of the newest models, some users might wonder how turning off keyboard click noises differs. Fortunately, you can use the same techniques to disable any linked Apple keyboard sounds.

Does the iPhone’s shutter mute similarly to a keyboard click?

Curiously, none of the mute choices for the iPhone camera shutter function Therefore, unless you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, it is impossible to disable the camera shutter from the Sounds and Haptics option on your iPhone.

Why the shutter on the iPhone doesn’t mute

The camera shutter never mutes, in contrast to Apple keyboards. There are several reasons for this, but privacy is the most crucial one. People may protect their privacy and be aware when someone is discreetly taking their images thanks to the iPhone’s shutter sound.
It’s a great way to prevent snooping on pictures.
Although this capability was present in earlier iPhone models, privacy features have now greatly improved.

Conclusion on How to Turn Off Typing Sound on an iPhone

To change the keyboard sounds on your iPhone, open settings and go to the Sounds and Haptics section. It really is that easy to reduce background noise, especially while surreptitiously sending someone a text message.

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