If you’re wondering how to uninstall Escape From Tarkov, look no further. Due to its growing popularity among Twitch streamers, Battlestate Games’ realistic FPS Escape From Tarkov (EFT) has developed a specialized fanbase in recent years. The addition of Twitch drops boosted the game’s reputation as a difficult-to-crack, hyper-realistic shooter. But, regrettably or luckily, depending on your experience playing it, everything comes to an end.

If you are experiencing chronic errors or are simply tired of waiting for the game’s never-ending beta phase to complete, you may require assistance in uninstalling the game from your machine. This final ‘Escape From Tarkov’ assignment may turn out to be the most difficult of all.

How to Uninstall Tarkov: First, let’s look at how to verify game files

You don’t need to remove and reinstall the game if you’re having problems launching or playing it. You can run a check first to see if you can repair the application.

  • Launch the Battlestate Games Launcher.
  • Click on your nickname in the upper-right corner, then
  • Select Integrity Check.

After the process has finished, you can try running the game again to see if it was successful. If it wasn’t, proceed to the next phase.

Can’t find Escape From Tarkov in Windows’ list of installed programs?

Many gamers have noted that the game does not display in Windows’ ‘Installed Programs’ list, which is normally where you go to uninstall software files from your computer.
Perhaps the developers wanted to give gamers one last quest before deleting Escape from Tarkov. But we’ve already worked it out. Follow the instructions below:

  • Look in the Battlestate Games install folder in the directory where you installed the game for the uninstaller.exe file. You’ll find it in the ‘Battlestate GamesBsg Launcher’ folder.
  • To delete the game from your PC, run the uninstaller executable.

This should usually suffice, but you might be one of the lucky ones who was chosen for an especially difficult uninstall assignment. Continue reading to learn what to do in that situation.

I can’t seem to locate the uninstaller in the Battlestate Games folder.

It’s possible that BSG intended the uninstall process to be lengthy. If you can’t find the uninstaller application in your computer’s Battlestate Games folder, you can just erase the entire game folder (installed files) from your system.
If you’re unsure, look in the Escape From Tarkov Launcher settings for the installation folder.
You should also remove the registry keys and any leftover app data from the uninstallation process for a thorough, deep clean of the game from your system.
Run a registry scan with a free program like CCleaner, and it will automatically delete any leftover keys and files that are no longer required.
This procedure will remove all evidence of Escape from Tarkov and assist you should you choose to reinstall the game at a later time.

If you uninstall EFT, do you lose your progress?

You may be concerned that uninstalling Escape From Tarkov will result in the loss of all of your game progress and items. Perhaps, after a much-needed vacation, you will decide to go back to it.
No, you won’t lose progress when uninstalling. Your game data is stored on Battlestate Games’ servers, so your files are not limited to your hard drive.

Summary Of How to Uninstall Tarkov

As more and more games appear on the scene, storage space is quickly becoming a valuable resource. You can only play a certain number of games at once. You can now play another shooter or battle royale game by knowing how to uninstall Escape From Tarkov and making some much-needed space.


How can I remove Tarkov entirely?

To access the file directory, launch the Escape from Tarkov application on your computer, select Settings from the top menu, then scroll down to the Game directory section in the new window. To uninstall Escape from Tarkov, double-click the uninstall.exe file and select the uninstall option.

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