“HP Deskjet 3630 updated 2023″ In many ways, the new HP DeskJet 3630 is an outstanding value. With Wi-Fi connectivity, a printer, scanner, and copier, as well as support for Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices, this small multi-function gadget is a great option.

HP Deskjet Updated: Price

HP Deskjet Updated

The HP 3630 is one of the least expensive all-in-one printers we’ve encountered, costing just £39 to purchase. Amazon also charges the same price for it.
Home customers on a tight budget will undoubtedly be attracted by that low price, but HP was forced to make several concessions in order to bring it down so low.

HP Deskjet Updated: Features and structure

While the plastic housing is somewhat fragile and makes some noise while printing, HP’s Printer Assistant software does provide a Quiet Mode that slightly slows down the print mechanism and significantly lowers noise levels.
The Printer Assistant also compensates for the LCD display’s small size, which is only an inch wide and limited to showing the number of printed pages. Thankfully, the Printer Assistant has a simple graphical interface that makes it simple to access diagnostic tools, Wi-Fi configuration, and scanner controls.

Hp Deskjet Updated: Specs

  • Four colors (CMYK) a laser printer
  • Resolution for printing: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • 1200 dpi for scanner resolution
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and Apple AirPrint connectivity
  • Paper tray: sixty A4 sheets
  • Manual two-sided printing
  • Size (158x438x310mm) Weight (4.2kg)


Although the text quality is acceptable for such a cheap printer, there is still room for development. Even though the output of text is a touch heavy, the speed of 8.5 pages per minute is absolutely respectable. It will print regular letters and essays for school assignments quite fine, but it doesn’t have the clean text outlines that some of the best inkjet printers offer. For your business documents and letters, you might select a more expensive printer if you operate from home. Additionally, text printing is expensive. The HP 302 standard-size black ink cartridge only produces 190 pages, which, for £10.99 from Amazon, comes out to almost 6p per page. The cost per page drops to 4.5 pence with the XL cartridge (£22 from HP), which is still significantly higher than normal for an inkjet printer.

Thankfully, color printing is a more desirable alternative overall. The DeskJet 3630 printer performs well for color graphics, making it suitable for school projects and presentations. It can handle postcard photo prints and occasional selfies, though the contrast may need improvement.

Oddly, color printing also turns out to be less expensive. The regular-size tri-color cartridge, which costs £13 and prints roughly 165 pages, holds all three cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. That works out to just under 8 pence per page, which isn’t awful at all. The HP 302 XL tri-color cartridge, priced at £18.15, offers a reasonable cost of just under 6.5 pence per page for inkjet printing. However, it requires replacement even if only one color runs out. HP’s Instant Ink subscription service can save money but is not ideal for regular home use.

LaserJet Pro MFP M28w from HP

Although the cost of laser printers has considerably decreased recently, they are still sometimes too pricey and cumbersome for home offices. Mono lasers, on the other hand, can be incredibly small if you don’t need to print in color.
According to HP, the new LaserJet Pro M28w is the smallest laser printer “in its class,” which in this case refers to a multi-function monochrome laser printer with an integrated scanner and copier as well as USB and Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it perfect for home workers or business professionals who require a quick, high-quality mono printer or scanner that requires the least amount of space.


HP Deskjet Updated

If you purchase the LaserJet Pro M28w that we are reviewing here directly from HP, it will cost you £115, but if you shop around at other online merchants, you can save a few pounds. It is available at Walmart in the US for $109.99.
If Wi-Fi is not necessary for you, you can choose the M28a, a USB-only model, which costs £97 on Amazon.


  • A4 laser printer in mono
  • with a print resolution of 600 dpi
  • Scanner/copier with 1200 dpi
  • paper tray with 150 sheets
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  • Size: 198x360x264mm
  • Size: 5.4 kg

Design and features

When the M28W came, we were honestly shocked by how small it was. It is certainly small enough to fit on a desk next to a computer in a small office or a spare room at home. It is just 198mm high, 360mm wide, and 264mm deep.
Despite the inexpensive price, it is well-built and manages to fit in a variety of important capabilities for office use, such as a 600 dpi printer and a 1200 dpi scanner. The printer has a 150-sheet input tray, a 100-sheet output tray, and a 1000-sheet suggested monthly output, which should be far more than most users will require.

The printer offers USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as compatibility with Google Cloud Print for non-iOS devices and Apple’s AirPrint for iOS devices. You may print and scan from iOS and Android smartphones using the HP Smart app as well.

However, there are a few indications of cost-cutting. Although HP’s software functions well and has all the tools you need to operate printing or scanning from your PC or Mac, the tiny 1-inch LED control panel isn’t particularly handy. Although a manual duplex option is available for sporadic use, there is no automated duplex (two-sided printing) either.


HP Deskjet Updated

For such a cheap printer, the M28w performs admirably. Our text documents in Word and PDF format moved ahead at a very acceptable 16.5 pages per minute, which is still faster than HP’s advertised performance of 18 pages per minute. Although it can’t print in color, the M28w still managed 15 pages per minute when printing a few papers that mixed text and graphics, so you may use it for handouts and other documents that don’t need color graphics.
Naturally, text quality is excellent, with smooth, sharp writing for your business papers, just as you would expect from a laser printer. You can still print out images and other visuals periodically even if they are not in color because it handles mono and grayscale graphics well as well.
Naturally, even though the photocopying function only operates in mono, it can scan in color.


The DeskJet 3630 offers excellent value for the money when purchased new. You may absolutely use the printer for the occasional photo print, as well as for academic papers or presentations that require color graphics, as the color ink cartridges aren’t overly expensive either. The DeskJet 3630 isn’t the best option for folks who just need a cheap printer for letters and other text documents, though, unless you’re willing to sign up for InstantInk. The high cost of the black ink cartridges is discouraging.

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