Receiving a call with no caller ID is the most unpleasant thing that may happen to an iPhone user. However, what are no-caller-ID calls and why are they made? To safeguard caller privacy or to prevent call recipients from learning the caller’s location, no-caller ID calls do not reveal the caller’s phone number.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re trying to figure out how to stop these calls without a caller ID. You can use the following techniques to block calls with no caller ID on your iPhone:

iPhone No Caller ID: On an iPhone, how can you block calls without a caller ID?

There are several methods available on the iPhone for blocking calls without caller ID. The phone has various features made expressly to stop these calls, and it also provides you with some tools you can customize for this purpose. The national Do Not Call Registry and your phone provider can both be of use to you.

Best Way to Block Unknown Callers On an iPhone

The easiest approach to blocking unknown callers on an iPhone is to use a built-in feature and the instructions below:

  • Tap Phone in the Settings app.
  • Silence on the Tap, Unknown Callers
  • A green or on-slide should be used to silence unknown calls.
  • Once you’ve done that, calls from numbers that aren’t in your address book will start to sound off and go to voicemail.

How to Use Do Not Disturb to Block Calls on an iPhone

With the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb feature, you may restrict calls, texts, app alerts, and other kinds of notifications during particular periods. You can use this feature to block intrusive calls so you can focus on driving, working, or sleeping.
This is how:

  • Select Focus from the Settings app.
  • Click Do Not Disturb.
  • Turn on or turn off the Do Not Disturb slider.
  • Tap People under the Allowed Notifications heading.
  • In the Additionally Allow column, tap Calls From.

Select every contact. After doing this, calls from any number listed in the Address Book app on your iPhone will reach you; calls from other numbers will be muted and routed to voicemail.

Block No Caller ID Calls on an iPhone with a False Contact

This clever method makes use of the way your iPhone’s Contacts app handles contacts:

  • Tap + after launching the Contacts app.
  • Enter No Caller ID in the new contact’s first name field.
  • Click Add Phone.
  • Enter the phone number as 000 000 0000.
  • To save the contact, select Done.
  • You must right away add this contact to your list of prohibited calls.
  • From the Settings app’s home screen, select Phone.
  • Click on Blocked Contacts.
  • At the bottom, select Add New. Select the newly established No Caller ID contact by scrolling through your contact list and tapping it.

Any caller with no caller ID information—a defining characteristic of spammers—will now be routed directly to voicemail thanks to the No Caller ID contact being added to the list of prohibited contacts.

FAQs on iPhone No Caller ID:

“No Caller”—what does that mean?

No caller ID means that the caller is masking their phone number. They do this so that it will be more difficult to stop or track their calls, particularly if they are being used in scams.

If they don’t have a caller ID, how can I find out who called?

The caller is hiding both their identity and phone number, making it difficult to identify them. That doesn’t matter, though, because anytime you see a call like this, the caller is almost always up to no good. The easiest and best course of action is to ignore calls from unknown numbers or to block them using the previously suggested techniques.

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