“Laifen hair dryer” This hair dryer has a strong, ultrafast motor that can dry long hair in 3 to 5 minutes without overheating. It operates quietly, and its ionic technology maintains the health and smoothness of your hair. For more information, read on.

Laifen Hair Dryer: Build and design

The Swift is available in four hues: pearl white, matte black, silver blue, and ruby red. The Swift’s high-speed engine, which can run at 110,000 rpm, is located within its 7-inch/18-cm-long handle, keeping up with current hair dryer design trends. Just above the power cord at the bottom is the intake vent.
The Dyson Supersonic is a lightweight hair dryer with a 3.5-inch (9-cm) head that can pump up to 13 liters of air in a second, weighing 09.3 lbs (407g) compared to 1.2 lbs (560g) for a Dyson Supersonic without attachments.

Laifen’s states that its thermocontrol technology shields hair from severe harm and that its airspeed is 22,291 meters per second. Also, that there are about 200,000,000 negative ions per cm3 negative ion technology to improve shine and smoothness, and minimize frizz and dryness in hair.

Laifen Hair Dryer: Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic and quick outcomes
  • Lightweight
  • Nozzle connection using a magnet


  • Longer power cables are possible.
  • Extra for the travel bag
  • Just two airflow velocities

Items in Box

There is a Swift, a handbook, a quality control card, and a dark gray, magnetic styling nozzle in the package.

For about $20 or £20 more, you may get the Special, which has three attachments: a diffuser, a smooth nozzle, and a rapid styling nozzle.
If you have curly or wavy hair, you truly do get curl support while you dry since the diffuser has a diameter of 5.5 in./14 cm and air prongs that stand 0.8 in./2 cm above the tiny dispersal holes. Additionally, the attachment dries the roots at the same time as the mass of hair inside the diffuser disc.
The rapid styling nozzle is a shorter and wider version of the straightening attachment, which filters the air down to a 3.1-inch (8cm long and extremely tiny aperture for intense and targeted drying.
You don’t have to fuss about trying to insert tabs into catches mid-blow because the attachments are magnetic. All you have to do to get it going is attach the attachment to the end.


The dryer’s mirror feature allows direct heat monitoring without removing the dryer. Laifen claims cool air is room temperature, warm air is 50°C, and hot air is 80°C, with the hot setting being scorching. Speeds are windy and tornado-like.

The air stream power of the Swift hair dryer may prolong wash life. Root lift and hair turn persist without product use, raising questions about air stream force or ion technology. However, we didn’t actually need to apply any hair spray at all.
Overall, the Swift produced excellent results and completely altered our perceptions of what a blow dry at home could accomplish.

Pricing and Accessibility

The maker’s website sells the Laifen Swift all over the world. It has an MSRP of $199 (£182.36) but is now selling for about $30 (£27) cheaper than that. We advise choosing the Laifen Swift Special, which has three style attachments rather than one if you can afford it. Even though it’s now on sale for about $50 or £45 cheaper, this has an MSRP of $239.99 or £218.83.

It does not come with storage or travel accouterments, but you can purchase a travel bag and a magnetic wall mount for the hair dryer separately.


We rate this hair dryer five stars because we believe it is excellent for the price. Our hair has never looked so silky or had as much body and lift, and it works wonderfully and looks great. Although it isn’t a cheap appliance, it is still less expensive than many of its competitors and does a great job. Try the Laifen Swift if you frequently blow dry your hair and want a hair dryer that is easy on your wrist and completes the task swiftly.

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