The Lenovo Smart Pad has everything you need to start reading, journaling, and sketching. The Lenovo Smart Paper is difficult to suggest to most people because its price is too close to that of standard tablets that offer far more functionality. It’s wonderful if you want to update an older E-Ink device’s capabilities.

Lenovo Smart Paper, previously available in China, offers tech enthusiasts a paper-like tablet for writing without internet distractions. It features a magic wand for writing and emergency apps on speed dial.

It is appealing that the computer format that originated with the smartphone now wants to become what it initially began to replace—paper. Competitors include the ReMarkable 2, Huawei MatePad Paper, Kindle Scribe, and Boox Note Air 2 Plus.

This format is not new. Comparatively, the rivalry in the writing niche is getting fiercer. Uncertainty surrounds the Lenovo Smart Paper’s global release, but as it rolls out gradually from one country to another, our hands-on time should help you determine whether it’s worthwhile to purchase should it wash up on your coast.

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Lenovo Smart Paper: Create and Build

Lenovo Smart Paper
  • Sleek and fashionable
  • Catch point
  • pen stand

The Lenovo Smart Paper is a thin device, scarcely wider than the USB-C charging connector on its left side. Though not nearly as thin as theoretically possible for E-Ink tablets, they are just solid enough to feel premium rather than fragile. Tossing this device around, poking at its screen, or even sitting on it isn’t likely to do any irreparable damage because it has a strong metal chassis and a screen that just functions differently than any LCD or LED panel you’re probably used to.

The Lenovo Pen features a rounded casing with a gunmetal gray strip on the left side, a wide black frame with a plush E-Ink display, and a small strip underneath the pen cradle. The back has a 60/40 split between colors, with the Lenovo logo on the other side. The pen’s design is comfortable to hold and use.

On the back, fingerprints will be visible, but they are easily removed with a buff. From the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro laptop to the P12 Pro tablet, current Lenovo products on both ends of the pricing spectrum have this luxury style. It is svelte, fashionable, and deliciously silky.
Although it has a headphone jack for music output, there are no speakers or volume controls. The Lenovo Smart Paper’s sides are clear of any potential obstructions, save for a trio of small microphones, its USB-C charging port, and the power button. Whether for better or worse, Later, more on that.

Lenovo Smart Pad: Display and Pen

  • 10.3-inch HD E-Ink screen with a coating against glare
  • Automatic front lighting
  • Provided pen

By incorporating a pen with its note-taking device, Lenovo made the proper choice. The scribbler’s mainly cylindrical shape complements the tablet’s design, and it features one flat side that serves as both a nice grip for your thumb and a natural nest for how it rests in the tablet’s integrated cradle. It magnetizes to this groove with a loud, dependable snap that enables it to serve as a potentially disruptive fidget toy. The pen is not the thickest writing instrument available, but it is comfortable to use. In most cases, you may expect a perfect fit, however, little children or people with reduced dexterity might find it a little too slim.

The E-Ink display on the device offers good traction and a pleasant clunk when a pen is placed on paper. Its low-energy technology allows it to display pictures, clocks, or calendars on standby without using the battery. The screen’s refresh behavior can be adjusted to specific use scenarios, but it’s difficult to distinguish between them. The HD display is sharp and blocks harmful blue light.

This mattress features an integrated automated front light, adjustable color temperature, and E-Ink for easy reading in strong light. Its accuracy and pressure sensitivity make it suitable for handwritten notes during meetings or classes. The build-it app offers about a dozen pen/brush possibilities, providing flexibility for doodles and sketches.

Lenovo Smart Pad: Software and Performance

  • Running on Android
  • External APK assistance
  • Pre-installed are just the required programs.

Lenovo Smart Paper uses Android instead of its proprietary operating system, offering a competitive edge. Its preferred book-reading program is, with a note-taking tool. To access your library, download the app from your favorite ebook repository.

The Lenovo Smart Paper can download external programs from third-party websites like APKPure using the built-in Firefox web browser. However, motion-dependent applications may not work. The device’s performance was not perfect in benchmark tests, but the Miracast feature allows users to beam the screen to a compatible TV or monitor, likely designed for cooperation.

The Lenovo Smart Paper is a good reading gadget with Bluetooth headphones and built-in ambient music features. However, it lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack and volume buttons. The device is also not ideal for full-color artists due to questionable advertisements and a lack of a curated app store

The Lenovo Smart Paper offers a decent alternative to the competition, but it lacks full-color pages and image retention issues due to E-Ink technology. Its standout features are hidden behind a barrier that prevents signing up via its iOS companion app. Android or Windows are the only options, and third-party apps like Google Drive may be available.

Lenovo Smart Pad: Life of Battery and Charging

  • 3550 mAh battery
  • 10W power supply
  • 8 hours following a 30-minute charge

With the preset settings, its 3550mAh battery should be able to flicker back on for several weeks. The time on standby is excellent. If you use the provided 10W USB-C converter to recharge, you can get 13% of the battery’s remaining capacity back after 15 minutes and 33% after 30 minutes.
You’ll have more than enough energy to see you through a protracted train or flight trip. The battery decreased by 4% over the course of 30 minutes when reading on the Kindle app, indicating that a 30-minute charge should provide 8 hours of screen time.

Cost and Availability

  • £450 RRP
  • Multi-device subscription-based syncing
  • Model only, in Storm Gray, 4GB/64GB
  • With a price tag of £450, the Lenovo Smart Paper is over £200 more expensive than the ReMarkable 2. However, it’s easier to see it as a more complete product once you go into the intricacies.

Although it’s not yet available in the US, you can purchase it via Lenovo in the UK.

You receive the pen and a stylish folio case, two essential extras that the ReMarkable doesn’t often include, for that inflated price. Although the case can’t fold over to tilt the tablet for somewhat more ergonomic writing or sketching, its soft magnetic connection mechanism and ridge for the pen make it work just fine for swiftly stowing away in a bag.

Unfortunately, ReMarkable’s business model demands a Lenovo Smart Paper subscription in order to seamlessly save, move, or reference your crucial notes on another device. It’s unfortunate that a lifelong subscription of some sort is not included, given the small size of such files. Cloud storage as a standard might have been the deciding factor in this case, especially with the pen and folio pushing the competition’s pricing closer to that of this slab. A single charge covers the entire experience without the hassle of setup. Forever.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the world we live in today. Discard the notion that this will be your final journaling expenditure. The built-in storage is adequate for the majority of users, and the provided pen tips should last for years, but if backups and transcription are required, you’ll need to use your credit card again after paying for the hardware first.

Verdict on Lenovo Smart Pad

Though the Lenovo Smart Paper doesn’t appear as ground-breaking as it could have a year ago, it’s still encouraging to see more companies experimenting with more unusual tablet designs. When it launches later this year, the Smart Paper may be well worth a look if you’re looking for a full-featured smart notebook. The pen and casing are both included, the design is simple and appealing, and the screen is sharp (and, unlike the Remarkable 2, has a light).

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