“Mobile Home Discount”. We also refer to it as Verizon Mobile + Home Rewards, and it aids in obtaining Verizon’s best pricing. Customers can join Mobile + Home Rewards and receive discounts on both monthly bills when they sign up for a Verizon Unlimited cellphone plan and Fios Home Internet. For a limited time, wireless customers who enroll in Mobile + Home and then add Fios Home Internet (or vice versa) are eligible for additional discounts that result in even higher monthly savings.

Mobile Home Discount: Discount Program for Mobile and Home

The type of services chosen for your Fios, in-home internet, and Wireless accounts determines the amount of your Program Discounts. The savings and points you receive may change if you make any changes to your current services. The My Verizon app makes it simple to switch between services whenever you want.

If you already have Fios Internet and wish to add wireless service, or if you already have Fios Internet and wireless service:

  • If you combine Fios Gigabit Connection internet with any Wireless phone plan (except Welcome Unlimited and Unlimited Welcome plans), you can save $10 per month per line.
  • Save $5/month per Wireless phone line when using any Wireless phone plan in combination with Fios Internet (other than a Gigabit connection). You’ll see the discount on your monthly wireless bill.
  • Save $5 per month per wireless phone line when combining any Fios internet package with a Welcome Unlimited or Unlimited Welcome wireless plan.

In order to add Fios Internet service to an existing Wireless subscription:

  • Save $25/mo off a Fios Internet account when using Premium Unlimited Wireless phone plans* and Fios Internet.
  • Save $10 per month off your Fios Internet account when you combine all other Wireless options with it. Your recurring Fios bill will receive a discount.
  • Verizon lowers the cost of residential internet service for premium 5G Unlimited users to $25.
  • Customers must maintain an active 5G Unlimited subscription and enroll in autopay in order to receive the minimum pricing. Verizon is giving customers a $25 reduction on their monthly home internet subscription if they fulfill both requirements. This reduces the price of $50 monthly plans, such as the Verizon Fios 300Mbps plan (with a discount for new customers), to $25 for new residential users.
  • Other Fios subscriptions, LTE Home plans, and 5G Home Internet plans from Verizon are also eligible for comparable savings.
  • A larger group of fresh discount launches includes this offer. In addition to the foregoing reductions, Verizon is currently giving existing home internet customers who add up to four lines to select 5G mobile plans autopay discounts of up to $10 per line per month.
  • The new Fios effort offers new incentives for customers of the Premium plan in addition to a two-year price lock guarantee on gigabit and two-gigabit plans, availability of 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps, and free router rental.

Please be aware that customers must register for the new Fios Mobile + Home discount in order to access these special offers. The Fios website has more details on how to sign up for this price, as well as any terms and conditions that may apply. For information on the services offered in their location, prospective clients can also check out the Verizon Home Internet website.

Eligibility for Mobile Home Discount:

Customers who have qualified postpaid Verizon Wireless and Fios Internet plans/services (referred to as “Joint Customers”) are eligible for special discounts under the Mobile + Home Discount Program. To be eligible for the Verizon Mobile and Home Discount Program, you must be a member of Verizon Up. All Joint Customers with active accounts on both Wireless and Fios Internet are eligible to enroll in the Mobile + Home Discount Program. To be eligible for a Mobile + Home Discount, savings, prize, or other benefit (collectively, “Program Discounts”), both accounts must be in good standing. The Mobile + Home Discount Program does not apply to employee, business, or prepaid accounts.

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