“Ninja Woodfire Grill” With the introduction of the Ninja Woodfire Grill last year, the well-known appliance manufacturer Ninja Kitchen ventured outside. It boasts a variety of culinary features in a small electric package.

Ninja Grill: Pros

BBQs well

This can work if you need a small, electric barbecue for a balcony in your apartment or a limited area. For grilling foods like steaks, burgers, and hot dogs, the temperature rises high enough. If you’re cooking more than just the protein, there is enough grilling space for 2 people, or 4 people if you’re cooking just meat.
The grill’s non-stick surface performed admirably during our tests. It is small enough to fit comfortably in the kitchen sink for cleaning, and the grill surface lifts off.

Air Frying
We were quite pleased with the Ninja Grill’s air fryer feature. Despite not being deep fried, it produced some wonderful, crispy French fries.
While you could use it to create both burgers and fries, we utilized it in conjunction with another grill to shorten the mealtime. We fried burgers on the Blackstone griddle while the Ninja cooked the fries so that everything was hot and ready at once.

Suitable for Novices:

This grill is set up for those who are new to grilling. The various modes you choose take care of the settings necessary for effective cooking. Instead of wasting time Googling “how to grill,” it is simpler to simply turn it on and start grilling.

Ninja Grill


Smoke and grill

The addition of a smoker box to the side of this tiny grill is a clever design choice. You put a cup of pellets in it, and a heating element burns them to give your food a smoke flavor.
If you’re accustomed to the smoky flavor of a wood-fired smoker, such as a pellet grill or offset smoker, you’ll be dissatisfied with the flavor. It doesn’t taste as clean as wood-fired smoking, and the smoke is quite surface-level.
After a prolonged cook, your food turns black due to the smoldering pellet smoke that is thrown throughout the cooking area. It detracts from the taste and doesn’t seem pleasant.
However, shorter cooking do benefit more from the smoke. If you’re just doing some quick cooking and want a little extra taste, it’s a good bonus.

Summary Of Ninja Grill:

If you’re searching for a portable, tiny electric barbecue, you should choose the Ninja Woodfire barbecue. Its ability to act as a grill or air fryer makes it a serious rival to other well-liked electric grills on the market, despite our disappointment with the smoke flavor it generated.

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