If you use an iPhone, you may have heard the term “notification tracker or “tracking notifications” and been curious about what they are. Tracking notifications are alerts that inform you of any program or app that is monitoring the activity on your device.

In order to guard against hacker and stalker invasions of privacy, this capability is now available on iPhones running iOS version 14 and higher.

The internet and the development of technology have made our personal information more exposed than ever.

Hackers and stalkers can follow our movements using a variety of techniques, including tracing our whereabouts physically or by observing our internet activity.

By warning you when an app or piece of software is tracking your device, the tracking notification function on your iPhone is intended to keep you secure.

What is a notification tracker?

When someone wants to provide you with their whereabouts via messaging, maps, etc., they will notify you that they have done so if you have granted them permission to monitor you or if someone else is allowing you to follow them.

What Is Tracking Notifications On iPhone?

You might have noticed a brand-new function called Tracking Notifications if you have an iPhone running iOS version 14 or higher.

The purpose of this function is to notify you if an app or piece of software is secretly monitoring your actions or those of your device.

You may control your privacy and stop hackers and stalkers from obtaining your personal information by turning on this option.

Tracking Notifications are especially helpful for finding AirTags and other Find My Accessories that may have accidentally been dropped in your suitcase or fastened to your automobile.

These devices might be used for malicious purposes like following you around or locating your house.

Simply open the Find My iPhone app, hit the Me tab, and then turn on Tracking Notifications to enable tracking notifications on your iPhone.

It’s that simple! Once enabled, you’ll get alerts each time an item or app tries to follow your movements, giving you the choice of whether to permit or prohibit the tracking.

How to Turn On iPhone Tracking Notifications

Follow these easy steps to turn on tracking notifications on your iPhone:

  • Get your iPhone’s Settings app open.
  • To access your Apple ID preferences, tap on your name at the top of the page.
  • Choose “Find My” from the menu of choices.
  • To let others know where you are, turn on the option next to “Share My Location.”
  • To edit the notifications you receive when someone tracks your location, tap on “Customize Notifications.”
  • To get a notification when someone discovers your misplaced device, turn on the option next to “Notify When Found.”
  • To receive a notification when you leave a device behind, turn on the switch next to “Notify When Left Behind.”

This might be especially helpful if you have young children or elderly relatives who you need to keep an eye on for safety.

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How To Turn Off iPhone Tracking Notifications

You may quickly disable tracking alerts on your iPhone if you no longer wish to receive them. This is how:

  • On your iPhone, use the Find My app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the “Me” tab.
  • Then select “Customize Notifications.”
  • Turn off “Tracking Notifications” in the settings.
  • After completing these steps, your iPhone will stop receiving tracking alerts.

Simply repeat these steps and turn the “Tracking alerts” option back on if you decide to change your mind and wish to allow tracking alerts again in the future.

It’s crucial to understand that turning off tracking alerts does not prevent others from using the Find My iPhone app or AirTag to follow your whereabouts.

It merely turns off the alerts that let you know when someone is following your position.

Why You Should Be Concerned With iPhone Tracking Notifications

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This capability was added to iOS 14 and later to make it easier for you to keep track of any program or app that is monitoring your or your device’s actions.

You ought to be concerned about this feature for the following reasons:

First and foremost, it gives an aid in privacy protection.

Numerous programs and applications can track your actions without your knowledge or consent.

This may contain information ranging from your browsing history to your location.

You may take action to preserve your privacy by being informed when an app or piece of software is following you thanks to tracking notifications.

Second, it might assist you in avoiding online stalking.

Tracking Notifications can assist you in identifying and stopping cyberstalking by warning you when any program or piece of software is monitoring your actions.

Third, Tracking Notifications can aid in your fight against identity fraud.

Identity theft is an issue that is getting worse and can be hard to spot.

Tracking Notifications can assist you in identifying and preventing identity theft by notifying you of any apps or programs that are tracking your actions.

Lastly, Tracking Notifications can empower you to take charge of your online existence.

It might be challenging to keep track of everything when there are so many applications and pieces of software tracking your activity.

Tracking Notifications can assist you in taking control of your digital life and ensuring the protection of your privacy by notifying you of any apps or programs that are tracking your actions.

Why is an AirTag Detected Near Me?

You could see this notice if you’re borrowing someone else’s AirPods or Find My Network accessory is linked to anything you’re borrowing.

Can You Determine if Someone is Tracking You on Your Phone?

There are typical signals you may watch out for to determine if someone is eavesdropping on your phone, though. You can observe a sharp rise in the amount of data used by your phone. Questionable files or programs, or odd text messages that you don’t recall sending. The behavior of your gadget could also display indicators of dysfunction.


Enabling Tracking Notifications can assist in avoiding a privacy invasion by stalkers and hackers.

Go to your phone’s settings. Choose “Privacy,” then “Tracking,” and flip the option for “Allow Apps to Request to Track”. This will enable tracking notifications.

An app or piece of software is attempting to track your behavior if you get a tracking notification.

If unsure whether to allow or disable the tracking, read the app’s justification for doing so before making a choice.

Additionally, Tracking Notifications can aid in stopping human trafficking. To find young ladies and girls’ residences, some thieves employ AirTags.

This might provide you with the opportunity to take steps to safeguard yourself. In general, tracking notifications is a crucial function that may assist in safeguarding your security and privacy.


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