You might wish to give the email a follow-up call after hitting send in Outlook webmail. When it happens, what do you do? Recalling email in Outlook on Macbook, Microsoft Outlook, How do you manage it?

Really, Microsoft Outlook allows you to go back and edit an email even after you’ve sent it. Continue reading until the end to learn how to recall an email in the Outlook programs for Mac and Windows.

Recalling Email in Outlook on Mac

Recall Email in Outlook Mac

When using a Macbook, it is impossible to recall an email in Outlook. Even if the sender tries to retract an email, it is out of their control once it has been sent. The sender must send a second email with the missing information if there is any information missing from the first email.

Many people urge Microsoft to include it in Outlook; however, it is currently unavailable.

 Microsoft will give you a message outlining how to recall the email in Outlook if the feature is included in a future upgrade to Outlook.

You can try to remember a message you sent using Outlook if you sent one and wish to take it back. 

However, many who have used this approach claim that it is ineffective. This approach sends a fresh message to the receiver, indicating, “The sender wants to recall the email,” as opposed to recalling it. As you may expect, receiving such a message will only motivate the receiver to read the email you sent.

Here are the steps in case you are courageous enough to attempt them, even if this approach doesn’t always succeed.

Recalling Email in Outlook on Mac: How to Recall Emails From the Mac Mail App

Given that you only have 10 seconds, you must act quickly if you want to recall or retract any email you have already sent. Recall email in outlook mac using the steps:

  • Choose the delivered email.
  • At the bottom left of the window, click the Undo Send button. Keep in mind that from the moment it is received, you have only 10 seconds to complete this task.
  • On your Mac’s messaging software, you cannot remove delivered messages if the Undo Send button is not visible. 

Additionally, the unsend functionality only works with macOS Ventura; therefore, learning how to perform a clean installation of macOS Ventura is necessary if you want to use this fantastic feature.

Recalling Email in Outlook on Mac: Message Sent in Outlook 365: How Do I Recall It?

Even though you can’t always go back and alter emails you’ve already sent, it is feasible if both you and the receiver use Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365. 

Many Microsoft 365 plans include Outlook.

However, it is only feasible if the same organization has registered both email accounts.

You can retrieve the message that you unintentionally sent, for instance, if you accidentally sent it to your boss and both email addresses share the same address.

How Do I Recall Outlook Internal Business Messages?

  • Go through the Sent Items Folder.
  • Choose the message(s) you wish to recall, or double-click them.
  • Transform the message into a new window.
  • choose File.
  • Select Info.
  • Click Recall and Resend Messages.
  • To recall this message, click. The choices are two.
  • Simply choose Delete Unread Copies. You may then type a new message and resend the original after selecting Remove unread copies. The recipient’s inbox will no longer contain the original message.
  • The Delete Unread Copies of This Message tab is another option. Retrieving the message requires clicking on Erase unread copies of this message.
  • Press the Tell Me Whether Recall Succeeds or Fails button. For each receiver of the message, you may do this.
  • Select OK.

However, if the email you sent has already been seen when you attempt to recall it, this won’t work.

Thus, you may cancel a mail as soon as you send the email in Outlook. A few hours after sending an email, you might not be able to recall it if you need to make changes to it.

Recalling Email in Outlook on Mac: How Can I Recall an Email in Outlook Web 2023?

Only when both you and the email receiver are using a Microsoft system can you recall emails sent using Microsoft Outlook? You can’t recall the email if you send it to a different email address, though.

But you may alter your choices in Microsoft Outlook to delay sending your emails to their intended recipients. This introduces a lag time before your email reaches the recipient’s mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Outlook for Mac, how can I modify a sent email?

Go to the “Sent” folder, right-click the message, and choose the Resend option to send the message again or to change it.

On a Mac, is it possible to edit a sent email?

Within 15 minutes of sending a message, you have the option to change it up to five times. Choose a conversation that contains the message you wish to edit in the Messages app on your Mac.

How do I Unsend an email in Outlook 365?

  • Browse to the Sent Email item. Open the email you wish to remember in Outlook by going to Sent Items.
  • Open the Recall message option 
  • Choose whether you wish to replace the message or recall it.
  • The recall should end soon.

Does the recipient know if I recall an email in Outlook?

Outlook may send the recipient a notification that you have retrieved an email from their inbox. Outlook has the ability to inform you if the recall procedure was successful. Check the box next to “Tell Me whether Recall Succeeds or Fails for Each Recipient” if you wish to keep track of the recall’s development.


If you are quick enough, you may recall an email or Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and the Mail app in addition to scheduling an email or logging out of a mail account on a Mac.


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