“Ring Intercom” There are several alternatives available when it comes to home security. It can be challenging to decide which alarm system is best for you among conventional alarm systems and smart video doorbells. Consider the smart technology product called the ring intercom.
It is the new intercom launched by the Amazon-owned business Ring in September that integrates with the Alexa smart assistant.

What is Ring Intercom:

Let’s start by discussing what it is. It functions as a two-way intercom that integrates with your current communal intercom system, connects to your smartphone through Wi-Fi, and, if you have one, to an Amazon Alexa smart speaker and an Echo smart speaker. This implies that anyone who rings your doorbell can contact you even if you’re not home. There is only audio and no camera.

Ring Intercom


  • A dependable connection and crystal-clear audio;
  • Featuring support for the majority of intercoms, and being simple to setup;
  • Rechargeable battery with a long life.


  • A better app experience is possible.


Upgrade your compatible audio intercom device so that you can use the Ring app to speak to whoever is at your building’s entry and buzz them in.
Receive real-time notifications from the Ring app anytime a visitor buzzes your intercom and opens the building’s entry.
With Two-Way Talk, you may use your phone or tablet to communicate with anyone who buzzes your intercom.
Allow time-limited access for certified drivers to deliver packages from Amazon inside your facility using Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries.
It’s easy to install yourself and is good for landlords. It plugs into your current intercom handset and doesn’t require any functional modifications to the building’s shared intercom system.
Because it integrates with Alexa, you can use voice commands on your Amazon Echo smart speaker to unlock your building’s entrance and communicate with anyone who buzzes your intercom.

Installing and setting up

Even those without any technological knowledge can easily install the Ring Intercom. The instructions are clear and simple to follow, and they include all the required tools.
The Ring app, which is available for iOS and Android, makes it simple to set up the Ring Intercom after you’ve attached the three provided color-coded wires to your existing intercom device. You may modify settings, view call history, and even ask other users to answer the call using the app.
With the provided 3M adhesive tape or screws for a more durable fastening, the unit mounts to your wall.
You’ll be able to use your new intercom in less than 30 minutes.

The Ring Intercom’s convenience

You’ll like the ease of the Ring Intercom, among other things. There is no need to run home to answer the door because you can communicate with visitors from anywhere. Additionally, you may instruct the delivery person where to drop off your gift without ever having to be at home, which is fantastic for package deliveries.

It’s simple to use the Ring Intercom as well. That is, simply clicking a button in the Ring app on your smartphone or speaking a command into your Amazon Echo smart speaker will answer a call coming through the intercom. Even when heard from the street during passing traffic, the audio quality is clear, and the app’s volume controls are simple to use.

Battery power

It came with a spare battery and a charging station because it runs on batteries. It appears to lose 1% of its battery capacity on average every day. To learn more about typical battery life, you’ll need more time.


It is hands-free, two-way communication. Hence, for those with upper limb limitations who depend on hands-free speech control of their devices, it is particularly usable.
It will require installation assistance, but not professional assistance. Although Ring does charge an extra £75 for a professional installation, the product is mainly intended for do-it-yourself installation.
For disabled people, the ability to ask Alexa to unlock the front door of their building by asking “Alexa, unlock the front door” is extremely accessible and independence-boosting.

Advantages of Ring Intercom

With the Ring Intercom, you can answer the door from anywhere while also feeling comfortable and protected. You may feel more at ease if you know that you can speak with anyone who knocks on your door, even if you’re not home.
It also has the advantage of being compatible with other Ring products, including the Ring, Ring Floodlight Cam, and Ring Video Doorbell. You can use this app to manage and keep an eye on your complete home security system from a single location.

Price of Ring Intercom

The Ring Intercom costs £119.99, while the Ring Intercom with an extra quick-release battery and charging station costs £149.99, according to the Ring website.


Overall, I believe that anyone wishing to improve their home security should consider the Ring Intercom. It is practical, safe, and simple to install. It has the added benefit of being able to interact with anyone who knocks on your door is a game-changer, even while you are not at home.
I strongly advise looking at the Ring Intercom if you’re looking for a new intercom system that integrates with your current communal intercom system.

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