“Rocket Book Pro” No matter how clever computers become, how amazing speech recognition becomes, or how intelligent note-taking and planning tools become, it’s often just easier to pick up a pen and write. The Rocketbook Pro is a step up in style from a firm recognized for its series of reusable notebooks, giving a more luxurious experience alongside replaceable packs of paper.

It provides the same writing experience as Rocketbook’s other products, with my only concern being that the variety of paper packs may not be versatile enough for all applications.

What exactly is the Rocketbook Pro?

The New Rocketbook Pro is a cutting-edge, technologically advanced reusable notebook designed for the professional who wants to stay organized and on-trend. The hardback vegan leather cover is not only scratch-resistant but an embedded NFC hotspot that can be customized with most phone apps. Furthermore, Pro Pages are erasable with a damp cloth, and Page Packs can be swapped in and out to transform your Pro into a notebook, planner, and more.

The ultramodern design complements the elegance of any modern desk setup, and the erasable pages save paper clutter and waste. With the free Rocketbook App, you can swap Page Packs and scan notes to the cloud for endless business (and personal) potential.

Rocket Book Pro

Rocket Book Pro: Graphic design and writing

  • More opulent design
  • Paper replacement packs
  • It has the feel of paper but with slower-drying ink.

The Rocketbook Pro is unique. With its harder casing, it appears to be more like a tablet. It’s a significant upgrade over Rocketbook’s standard offerings, with a nicer, more premium design.

There are two sizes available. I chose the A4/Letter edition, although there is also a smaller Executive A5 version available. Both have a similar appearance and one feature that distinguishes them from other Rocketbook products: replaceable packs of paper. Remove the top, pull it down, clip the rings, and secure it tightly.

Packs can be switched in and out in seconds thanks to an innovative clip-in system. It’s a clever idea that adds to the Rocketbook Pro’s versatility. The Rocketbook Pro comes with lined paper, but there are additional packs available for meeting notes, monthly planning, a to-do list, and dot paper. Rocketbook’s website has graphics for Dungeons & Dragons character sheets, exercise routines, and blank paper, none of which are for sale. The packs are all manufactured from the same reused paper. The ink of a Pilot Frixion pen can be wiped with water and a microfiber cloth.

The Rocketbook Pro is a budget-friendly pen with refills available for a more expensive ballpoint pen. Available in three sizes and colors, it comes with a towel for easy cleaning. The paper has an indentation for indentation, but the ink takes longer to dry on this paper than regular paper.

Rocket Book Pro: App

  • OCR necessitates precise handwriting.
  • Picks up lists on its own
  • Automatically added tags and names

While writing on a reusable notepad is more environmentally friendly, the paper can be lost due to accidents, and once the book is full, it must be erased before it can be reused. This is where the app comes in, providing a fast way to scan and preserve notes indefinitely.

Because each page contains a QR code, the software recognizes the type of page and automatically adjusts the camera to only record the page. Capturing pages is very quick if the lighting is adequate.

The Rocketbook app stores documents and allows users to combine multiple pages into a single file. It also allows users to access destination settings by crossing icons on pages, which can be linked to actions like email sending, cloud storage, Evernote, or Trello/Slack.

There are some advanced OCR settings on the Rocketbook Pro pages. To begin, you can write titles on pages to automatically title files, and you can add tags to organize papers together. Simply ensure that you write these clearly.

OCR may also be used to detect lists in objects by drawing checkboxes and writing the options next to them. Again, it is critical to compose these properly. If you have sloppy handwriting, the software can and will produce mistakes.

Last Thoughts on Rocket Book Pro

The Remarkable 2 e-ink tablet is probably the primary competitor to this. That product has several advantages, such as the ability to connect a keyboard and add to-do lists more simply. It is, however, more expensive and requires charging, even if the battery life is extremely long.

While more expensive than standard paper, the Rocketbook Pro is an excellent deal when compared to needing to buy notebooks on a regular basis, and it’s less expensive than the digital counterpart, with some smart backup options. Aside from that, this is a high-quality notebook that allows me to take traditional notes while also providing modern backup and reusable pages.

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