“Steam Closet” There is a brand-new type of closet on the market that both stores and dry-cleans clothing. Access the steam room.

Small closets promise to refresh and revitalize garments, removing the need for regular trips to the dry cleaners or cleaning.

Whirlpool launched the “Swish” garment steamer in 2014, marking the first time the company marketed a steam cabinet for garments. In 2015, Samsung was the next to respond with the Styler Steam Clothing Care System after LG. However, LG and Samsung will compete against one another in 2021, but other brands will also hit the market.

What exactly are Steam or Steamer Closets?

The terms “steam closet,” “dry cleaner steamer,” and “closet dry cleaner” are separate from “washer” and “tumble dryer.” It is an additional tool that can refresh your clothing between regular cleanings. You won’t have to go to the dry cleaners as often thanks to it.

Additionally, you can clean your sneakers, cushions, and children’s toys in steamer cabinets. They are clean and odor-free without requiring a full wash and dry cycle or the use of detergents and chemicals.

In Korea, where odors like cigarette smoke are common, steam closets have gained popularity and influence. Steam cabinets are more frequently advertised in the US in locations with snowy and soggy weather.

For instance, you may hang a big or long coat in a steam closet and find it gently dried and smelling new when you get back.

The two biggest competitors in the market are Samsung and LG. Furthermore, Fresh Wear Styling System by Coway, a well-known South Korean maker of air purifiers, is a home dry cleaning system that competes with LG and Samsung. Currently, South Korea is the only country where you can rent this.

LG Styler

Steam Closet

LG was the first to market a steam closet, releasing the first model back in 2015. LG’s Mild Dry cycle allows for the quick drying of delicates like silk and cashmere without risk of shrinking or damage. For custom clothing, you can even download tailor-made software.

The hanging rack moves back and forth to remove stubborn creases, while the steam system smooths out wrinkles. A mild heat finish to the cycle dries the clothing at a temperature suitable for even the most delicate fabrics.

If the LG Styler’s optional scent sheets aren’t enough to refresh and crisp your clothes, steam is also available. The door features a bundled press to prevent the crease of formal pants.

Samsung Airdresser

According to Samsung, this product increases the time between washes and puts less strain on materials, extending the lifespan of apparel.

A specialized “Jet Air” technology is used to refresh the garments, employing strong air blasts to remove and release dust and odors ingrained in the fabric. The air hangers include holes so that steam can be shot both inside and outside of your clothing.

The Air-Dresser also functions as a dehumidifier, assisting in drying out your closet’s extra moisture.

It is called the GE Profile Steam Closet with Fabric Refresh.

With its brand-new GE Profile Steam Closet with Fabric Refresh, GE will enter the steam closet market. It will be available in the United States starting in September 2023.

The GE Profile is a dry cleaner substitute made for sanitizing and freshening clothing. It can handle pricier items like designer jeans and leather coats as well as delicate plush objects like Teddy bears and dog toys.

The GE steam closet has a sleek carbon black appearance, a top clothes-hanger rack, and a bottom multi-use rack.

It is anticipated that, like other steam closets, it will work with any 120-volt outlet and use a water tank that can be filled up rather than a water hookup.

Steam Closet Advantages

There are a few things a steam cabinet for clothes can do, but it won’t be able to take the place of your washing machine. As follows:

  • Eradicating germs and microorganisms that cause odors;
  • Kill allergens such as dust mites;
  • Crisp pant creases and no visible wrinkles
  • Clean storage of coats and sweaters;
  • Without using chemicals for dry cleaning, refresh delicate knits and linens;
  • Dry delicates, including lingerie and undergarments, safely using low heat and steam;
  • Reduce the cost of dry cleaning.

Can a Steam Closet Take the Place of Your Washer?

A steam room cannot replace your washing machine because it is not a washer. However, it will reduce the amount of time spent renewing garments between wears and taking things to the dry cleaners that can’t (or shouldn’t) be washed.

Consider your wardrobe; you don’t actually need to wash your pants and coats every time you wear them. One of these devices will undoubtedly make you happy if you work in a corporate environment and always wear a suit.

Automatic clothes steamers are unable to eliminate body odor, severe stains, or embedded dirt from clothing.

Both LG and Samsung include the option to add a dryer sheet to the steam closet so that your clothes can be delicately scented while they steam.

Which Individuals Would Benefit from a Home Steam Closet?

The initial purpose of steamer cabinets was to safeguard designer apparel by reducing trips to the dry cleaners and appealing to fashion-conscious consumers.

Due to their effectiveness in eliminating dust mites, germs, and other allergens, they may also be beneficial for people who suffer from allergies.

The best fabrics for steam closets are suits and jeans, which we are usually advised not to overwash. If you wear a suit every day, investing in a steam closet might be a good idea. Finally, Steam-cleaning closets can revive anything from a musty-smelling cashmere sweater to a wrinkled business suit, your kids’ toys, and your tennis shoes.


The purpose of a steam closet is to supplement your washing routine, not replace it. It won’t get rid of dirt or stains, and it won’t take the place of a regular wash with water and laundry detergent.

Instead, a steam closet can provide your clothing with that just-left-the-cleaner appearance anytime you need it, in the comfort of your own home.

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