Suri Toothbrush: Suri has rethought the toothbrush to produce a device that assists customers to live more ecologically friendly lives without compromising on quality, performance, or design, in an effort to build “sustainable rituals”, Of course, that is where the product name comes from.

The brush consists of a longer-lasting, repairable aluminum handle and a medium-soft toothbrush head made of recyclable plant material. It produces 33,000 vibrations per minute, which is less than Philips Sonicare brushes but still sufficient for effectiveness. With an IPX7 classification, the entire toothbrush is completely waterproof. It also features a powerful 40-day battery life and a four-hour quick charge. Suri will recycle the brush heads at no charge if that isn’t sufficient. Just mail the used heads back in the paid mailer.

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The Suri Toothbrush: What Is It?

Suri Toothbrush

The SURI toothbrush is a renowned eco-friendly electric toothbrush with recyclable aluminum construction and plant-based heads consisting of castor oil and corn starch. SURI has a wonderful modular design in addition to being entirely recyclable. SURI was cleverly designed for simple maintenance and hassle-free part replacements, unlike conventional electric toothbrushes that are sealed shut.


  • 40-day battery life is a plus;
  • reused brush heads
  • USB powering
  • Travel cases with charging ports and UV-C cleaners are available.


  • Lack of smart features
  • two cleaning modes only
  • zero pressure sensor
  • provided with just one brush head

4 Qualities of SURI Brushes

Suri Toothbrush

This brush was created using sustainable methods and materials, as suggested by its name, Sustainable Rituals. Let’s talk about a few of its qualities.

Utilized materials

The castor oil-based bristles and recyclable plant-based heads of the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush were produced using corn starch. They primarily employ bio-based materials in their quest to decrease the use of plastic in consumer goods. Both the US and the UK provide free recycling services for electric toothbrush heads.


All of SURI’s goods come in plastic-free packaging. It is quickly apparent that the SURI toothbrush is the most environmentally friendly alternative currently available when compared to other brushes.
neutral for carbon
To compensate for the carbon emissions produced during production and transportation, the company is working with Climate Partner. SURI has achieved climate neutrality certification and is working to lessen its carbon footprint. SURI is developing at a rate never before seen in the toothbrush sector.

Sustainable Accessories and Design

Suri Toothbrush

The SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush comes with a charging stand and a charging cord. It has a sleek aluminum body and a plant-based head with castor oil bristles.
In order to reduce unnecessary plastic waste, the packaging does not include a USB wall charger. As a result, the box’s dimensions and shipping weight are modest.

Repair Center

For their toothbrush, SURI provides a one-year warranty. If the toothbrush sustains damage after the first year of its warranty has expired, SURI may fix it for a fair price, preventing needless landfill waste in the process. The modular nature of the device makes it simple to replace or repair batteries and other components.

You may swap out the battery

Many electric toothbrushes have non-replaceable batteries. The cutting-edge design of SURI, however, enables battery removal. However, if you do it too often, the brush may break. To be clear, the capacity to swap out the battery does not signify a brush’s vulnerability. The bundled battery ought to have a long lifespan. Batteries, however, frequently serve as a point of failure.

Toothbrushes have been designed to be thrown away after much too much use. But with SURI’s toothbrushes, getting them mended rather than buying a brand-new brush is now more affordable and practical than ever. Yes, SURI will fix your toothbrush in the event of damage. With a service facility in the US and the UK, SURI guarantees us that the repairs will be reasonable.

Suri Toothbrush: Other Brands vs. SURI

We shall compare the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush to other brush manufacturers.

Oral-B vs. SURI

SURI and Oral-B toothbrushes are both excellent choices. Oral-B does offer a better cleaning experience overall, but it is less environmentally aware than SURI. SURI toothbrushes have an aluminum body that is recyclable and a plant-based head with gentle castor oil bristles. SURI shows itself to be the finest in terms of sustainability.

Philips Sonicare vs. SURI

Both SURI and Philips Sonicare are excellent toothbrush brands. One distinction is that some Philips Sonicare devices require the purchase of a separate USB adaptor, while SURI uses a fluid technique that is exclusive to it and is very good at eliminating plaque from teeth.

Additional Green Products from SURI

Sustainable, Ultra-Reliable Replacement Heads

Suri Toothbrush

SURI replacement brush heads are made from biodegradable and compostable plant-based materials. As a result, they won’t end up in landfills and will remain in your bathroom.
The medium-soft 3D-Wave bristles in the brush heads make it simple to remove food particles and plaque from teeth and gums.
With every purchase from SURI, you can shop with assurance, knowing that you’re doing good. In addition to providing environmentally friendly brush heads, they also donate a portion of their earnings to organizations that help underprivileged kids learn about oral hygiene.

Washbags SURI

Organize your bathroom necessities with the SURI Tyvek Paper Washbag!
With its natural and recyclable Tyvek paper construction, this bag is both lightweight and water-resistant. Its smooth, natural cotton interior shields your items from damage from the outside world. Additionally, it is simple to hang up thanks to the zip closure and loop handle.
This wash bag’s beautiful yet functional design makes it the perfect option for keeping all of your bathroom necessities in one place.

Summary for SURI Toothbrush

For maintaining the highest level of oral hygiene, electric brushes are a necessity. It encourages thorough cleansing of even the most challenging-to-reach areas of your mouth and ensures good brushing technique. The SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush is one of these very efficient instruments; it’s a stylish yet effective, dentist-recommended product that can offer deep, gentle cleaning for all varieties of teeth and gums.

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