“Fujitsu fi-8170” Fujitsu’s mobile document scanner shines in difficult business situations. It supplies high-quality pictures to meet businesses’ digital needs. It combines an industry-leading, proprietary image processor with the dependability and versatility of Contact Imaging Sensor (CIS) hardware via the integrated, patented Clear Image Capture (CIC) technology. However, It provides clear photos, and high OCR accuracy rates, and removes unwanted watermarks and flaws. This isn’t for everyone, but if you need it, you need it badly.

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Examining the efficiency of the Fujitsu Fi-8170:

The Fi-8170 is a beast, with a projected capacity of 10,000 sheets per day, yet it is almost the same size and form as the desktop ScanSnap it will replace. Don’t get me wrong: the old ScanSnap still works; it’s simply that this is far more powerful.

Fujitsu fi-8170

Pros and Cons


Very quick

Material handling that is adaptable

There are several document kinds, thicknesses, and sizes supported.

Linux, Mac, and Windows all have drivers available.


There is no Wi-Fi or other wireless access.

Inefficient Windows-only software application

Fujitsu fi-8170

An enterprise-grade solution necessitates the purchase of costly add-on licenses.

The Fi-8170 scanner is quick, capable of scanning 70 pages per minute and 140 photos per minute if duplex. It can scan 694 pages of A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire in just over seven minutes. The automated document feeder can handle up to 100 sheets.

There is an issue when scanning big stacks of documents at super-fast rates. Many scanners cause misfeeds when the pages feed together.ASC is a feature of the Fujitsu Fi-8000 series. The scanner shifts to a higher torque level as the number of papers to be scanned grows. This adaptability helps to guarantee that papers feed consistently.

The Fi-8170 scanner is intelligent in its feed handling, identifying larger documents like passports, folders, and ID cards to prevent misfeeds. It also offers overscan protection, capturing picture edges when offset papers are detected. The scanner works one frame at a time, similar to video stabilization in cameras. However, it only supports Ethernet and USB connections and lacks internet access. Compared to the Fujitsu ix1600, it requires a physical connection to a network or PC.

The Application Softwares

For those coming from the ScanSnap line, the software issue is a little unsettling. First and foremost, the well-known ScanSnap program is missing. Instead, the Fi-8170 comes with two PaperStream-branded goods.

PaperStream ClickScan accomplishes just what its name suggests. It lets you scan a document by inserting it into the scanner and pressing the scan button directly on the scanner. It scans when you click. ClickScan. Get it? Got it.

PaperStream Capture Pro is a departmental scanning solution. Its use includes workflow tools, picture correction, and effective scanning and indexing. To utilize PaperStream Capture Pro, you’ll also need the $469 PaperStream Capture Pro QC/Index Station Software License, which allows one extra worker to assess scan quality and process it properly.

Now comes the bad part. The Fi-8170 does not have any Mac-compatible software out of the box. The PaperStream applications are only available for Windows. Period.

To begin, Fujitsu does provide a downloaded driver for the Mac. Navigate to this download link. It thankfully supports the most recent Monterey MacOS version as well as Catalina. After installing the driver, you may scan documents into your Mac using the built-in Image Capture tool. Image Capture works well with scanners and supports document feeders.

What are your thoughts? Do you require the services of a scanning monster? The Fujitsu Fi-8170 may be all you need.

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