“The Best Osu Tablets” So you’ve been playing at OSU for a while and want to elevate your game to the next level. You observe well-known athletes using tablets, which appear to improve their quickness and accuracy, and you want to try it.

Then you begin your search for the ideal OSU tablet. But you’re overwhelmed by hundreds of options and have no idea which tablet to choose.

This is where we go for assistance. You can’t just pick any tablet and expect decent results. There are specific qualities and needs for an OSU tablet to produce the most significant outcomes. To help you increase your speed, accuracy, and ranking, we’ve compiled a list of the best tablets for OSU.

The Best Osu Tablets: What Exactly is Osu!?

Osu! is a rhythm game where you touch and slide circles to play music. The more you play, the more complicated the advanced beat maps become. Select your difficulty level and watch the music – and your processes – speed up in response.

Osu! has over 20.5 million users and is a hugely popular format that quickly becomes addicting. It’s also free to play, courtesy of inventor Dean “Peppy” Herbert. You can also play the game on numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

What you should know before purchasing an OSU tablet

Intuos CTL 4100 by Wacom – Osu is the best! in general tablets


  • Software is included.
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Some difficulties in getting started
  • Scratches easily

More information

Information about the device’s specifications: 7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 inches; Windows and Mac OS; 1920 x 1080 resolution; 2 MB of RAM; and pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels.

The Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 is the greatest tablet for Osu!, but its possibilities go beyond gaming. The tablet is simple to use and suitable for novices, and it pairs easily with your PC, Mac, or smartphone.

The Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 boasts a compact form with a big drawing area, making it suitable for work, education, and pleasure. The device is only 8.8 millimeters thin and recognizes 100 lines per millimeter to better follow your pen. The accompanying pen has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and employs Electro-Magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology to assure responsiveness and precision. In addition, four customizable ExpressKeys are available for speedier shortcuts.

It is powered by Google Chrome and includes three downloaded software products. There are many tutorials available online.

The Huion H420 – Osu is the best! beginner’s tablet


  • Affordable
  • Outstanding compatibility
  • Easily transportable


  • Reduced sketching area
  • Battery-powered stylus

More information

Details of the technology: Operating systems: Windows and Mac OS; Resolution: 4000 LPI; Voltage: 5 volts; Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 levels

Because it is so simple to use, the Huion H420 is the best Osu! tablet for beginners. For maximum flexibility, the tablet is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Unlike some complex tablets, the Huion H420’s plug-and-play construction keeps things simple.

Furthermore, the device is optimized for various programs other than Osu! Gaming. Artists will undoubtedly appreciate applications such as Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Other applications include Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Comic Studio, 3D MAX, and Pixologic ZBrush.

The accompanying pen is thoughtfully designed, with a scrolling button in the center. Additionally, it has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure precision. You can configure the three express keys to close the current page or save. Furthermore, the device includes USB connectivity with a plug-and-play design that does not require external drivers.

Bamboo CTL471 Wacom – Osu is the best! tablet for artists


  • Linux support
  • Compact
  • Extremely user-friendly


  • Some folks might find it to be too little.
  • No express key

More Information

Technical information: Dimensions are 11 x 6.8 x 0.4 inches, the resolution is 2540 LPI and the pressure sensitivity is 1024 levels.

The Wacom Bamboo CTL471 is packed with functions. I like the black and lime style, and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The tablet has ArtRage Studio, which can replicate various tools and substances like oil paints, watercolors, and chalk, making it an excellent choice for artists. SketchBook Express, a digital sketchbook with a collection of bespoke tools for both beginners and advanced users, is also included.

Drawing and writing are also realistic. The display has a 2540-LPI resolution and a textured work surface that resembles the feel of a pen on paper. The Bamboo pen boasts an ergonomic fit and 1024 degrees of pressure sensitivity. The pen is also battery-free, saving you the hassle of charging, yet it still has an accuracy of 0.2 inches. With a pen holder on the side, your tablet is always ready to use.

There are also many connectivity choices, including USB-Type A or Micro USB connections.

CTL 472 Wacom Wacom One – Cheapest Osu! tablet


  • User-friendly Beginner-friendly
  • Excellent companion pen


  • Older technology with fewer controls

More information

Detailed details Dimensions: 8.27 x 5.75 x 0.34 inches; operating systems: Windows and Mac OS; resolution: 2540 LPI; pressure sensitivity: 2048 levels.

The Wacom One CTL 472 is a little Osu! tablet with a large working area. It was created with the creator in mind, with simple ways to draw, sketch, write, and engage with other creatives. It accommodates both left and right-handed users for enhanced convenience.

After 35 years of research, the encased digital pen offers a fluid, interruption-free writing, and sketching experience. The battery-free variant boasts 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and feels lifelike, replicating a pen-on-paper experience.

The Wacom One has USB connectivity for Chrome, Mac, and Windows operating systems. You also get a slew of free applications with your purchase. When you register your tablet, you’ll get free access to unique EdTech software for exclusive educational features and a three-month trial of Bluescape, a creative collaboration tool.

Pen Star XP G640 – Osu is the best thin tablet!


  • Linux compatibility at an economical price.
  • Excellent for novices.


  • Some connectivity difficulties have been reported.
  • A few software glitches

More Information

Technical details Dimensions are 7.5 x 6.5 x 0.1 inches, with a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels, and operating systems for Windows and Mac.

The XP Pen Star G640 is the thinnest OSU! tablet and is lightweight and portable. It is helpful for Osu! games, but it is also recommended for education, which includes drawing, sketching painting, and photo editing.

The tablet has USB support for Windows, Mac, and Chrome operating systems. It also works with Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint, OneNote, Word, Zoom, and Xsplit, making it ideal for professional and educational tasks.

With 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, the battery-free pen provides continuous use. It comes with a six-inch screen that is only two millimeters thick, making it ideal for life on the go. The tablet offers a 6 by 4-inch active surface for OSU! games.

The Best Osu Tablets: Which Osu! tablet is the best?

The Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 is an excellent Osu! tablet in terms of price and performance. It’s simple to set up and features a compact design that doesn’t sacrifice drawing area size. The accompanying pen is an added feature that aids in speed and efficiency.

A tiny, lightweight, and very responsive tablet can enhance your Osu! gameplay.

The Best Osu Tablets: What is the point of having an Osu tablet?

Playing Osu! with a tablet and pen is far more convenient than using a mouse and computer screen. The pen improves the accuracy and responsiveness of your gaming, allowing you to move more fluidly. The pen is substantially lighter and allows for more movement than a cumbersome mouse would. The result? Your overall performance and skills will increase.

The Best Osu Tablets: How much are the best Osu tablets?

Tablet prices vary depending on size, features and build. They can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and many thousand. However, not all tablets are ideal for Osu! gameplay, with some tablets better suited to everyday use such as email and online browsing. According to our research, the best Osu! tablets cost between $30 and $141, depending on features such as resolution and pressure sensitivity.

The Best Osu Tablets: How did we select the top Osu! tablets?

Consider the following important elements when looking for the best Osu! pills.

Active area: A large tablet may or may not have a large drawing area. Consider the size of the active area before selecting the best Osu! tablet for your games. A vast area can impede your gaming by making it more difficult for your fingers to cover a larger region.

Pen: Look for a battery-free Osu! tablet pen. You’ll notice smoother movements on-screen, which can improve gameplay without interfering with a dying battery.

Resolution: A higher resolution can also enhance your Osu! experience by allowing for smoother motion transfers to the game.

Cost: The price of the greatest Osu! tablets vary greatly based on the size, features, and software included. The greatest Osu! tablets cost less than $150, making them a significantly more reasonable option than a typical laptop or PC.

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