“Pixel 3xl Ultimate Frisbee Image” In terms of look, the Pixel 3 is very similar to earlier Google phones, but it also offers a ton of exclusive features. These enhancements, which are the most recent iteration of Google’s DeepMind work, will make the Pixel 3 easier and more fun to use.

What Has Changed With the Pixel 3?

The Google Pixel 3’s most notable functions rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to fully utilize its two front-facing cameras and one back camera. However, other exciting AI-powered features include improved Google Assistant functionality. Additionally, With the help of a specially designed chip and wireless charging that uses Qi technology, the Pixel 3 offers greater security.

There are several features on the Pixel 3 that will impress you if you’re curious about its capabilities.

Ultra-High Zoom


  • Take distant pictures in high resolution.
  • Zooming nearly to optical quality.

Have you ever noticed how photographs appear hazy when you zoom in on them on an outdated phone? With the Pixel 3, Google addressed this issue. The Super Zoom feature uses AI to zoom in on your photos without sacrificing quality.


  • Not as potent as a real optical zoom in a dual- or triple-lens configuration.
  • Features just one back camera.

The Wide-angle Selfie


  • Possibility to take group photos without leaving anyone out.
  • Selfie sticks are not necessary.


The wide-angle camera falls short of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s camera in terms of quality.

The Pixel 3 features dual front-facing cameras. However, The phone takes wide-angle selfies by using one camera with a wide-angle lens and the other with a regular field of vision.

Best Shot


  • You won’t have to take countless photos before you obtain one that’s good.
  • There’s no need to manually sort through every picture.
  • ideal for capturing moving subjects.


  • Top Shot only saves images at a reduced resolution.
  • Backgrounds in photos could appear hazy.
  • Similar to motion photo capabilities that record a quick movie before and after you capture a photograph, Top Shot functions similarly.

Instead of recording a movie, it takes a series of still pictures before automatically selecting the one in which everyone is grinning, looking at the camera, and not blinking. Furthermore, This mode is best used when you can’t rely on your subjects to remain still and behave because the pictures they take aren’t as sharp as standard Pixel 3 pictures. It works well for photographing children and dogs, but not so well for standard portraits.

Night Vision


  • Take photos in the dark without alerting anyone.
  • Better than other options for taking nighttime shots.


  • Pictures don’t appear as real as they do in natural light.
  • Inverted colors are common.

Another interesting application of artificial intelligence is this one, which captures photos in dim light without the aid of a flash. In order to make photos shot in dim light appear as though they were taken in broad daylight, Night Sight uses machine learning to change the colors and other characteristics of the photos.
Since the release of Night Sight, competitors have made an effort to catch Google in this area, but this DeepMind-driven innovation is unmatched. Then wait for your jaw to hit the floor when the potent AI algorithms choose a picture of whatever you pointed your camera at after taking a shot that appears to be completely dark.

Goggle Lenses


  • Saves phone numbers that are written or printed and can be read.
  • For many tasks, an internet connection is not necessary.


  • Not consistently accurate.
  • Restricted application.

Many Android phones support Google Lens, however, the precise implementation differs depending on the phone’s maker, carrier, model year, and Android version. Nevertheless, Google Lens is pre-installed in the viewfinder of the Pixel 3, which enables it to recognize things and give pertinent information in real-time without human input.



  • Performs better than other augmented reality programs from third parties.
  • Enjoyable for both children and adults.


  • The character pool is small.
  • There are more options with other AR apps.

The Playground might be entertaining to you if you have great recollections of the dancing hot dog from Snapchat. This feature makes use of Google’s artificial intelligence technology to automatically place animated characters into photographs and videos in real-time, anchoring them to the ground as if they were truly there.
This feature is suitably named because it is more of a toy than a legitimate feature. So, If you have kids, they’ll love the opportunity to insert Iron Man or the Hulk into images and videos of themselves.

Phone Call Filtering


  • It’s like having your own personal assistant handle your phone calls.
  • There will be no more denying calls from unknown numbers.


  • People who call you regularly may become irritated.
  • When they hear an automated message, callers may hang up.

Google stretches its artificial intelligence skills once more with Pixel 3 phone call screening. When you enable this function, Google Assistant will answer the phone for you. You have some control over what it says, and you can answer the phone normally if you like.

Pixel Support


  • Transform your phone into a Google Home smart assistant.
  • Utilize voice commands for smart appliance control.


  • Amazon pioneered the Fire tablet stand.

If you’re not interested in the Google Home Hub-like mode, look for a less expensive wireless charger. The Pixel 3 includes a soft-touch glass back and supports Qi wireless charging. In addition to charging, placing a Pixel 3 on the Pixel 3 stand activates a mode that simulates the Google Home Hub. If all you need to do is charge the battery, any suitable Qi charger will work as well.

Chip Titan M Security


Shields your files and personal information against online hackers.
Advanced features for app and device locking
It’s not entirely clear what the Titan M does or how it accomplishes it because Google doesn’t provide a lot of information about it.

Google created the Titan M chip especially for the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and Pixel Slate. In addition, there isn’t much information from Google about the specifics, but it simply aims to make the Pixel 3 more secure.

Switch to Silent


  • It’s useful when you want to leave your phone on but don’t want anyone to annoy you.
  • As soon as your phone goes off at an unsuitable moment, turn it off.


  • Too much force when flipping your phone could harm the screen.
  • It can lead to you missing crucial notifications.

This function has been available for a while, but with the Pixel 3, it makes its debut on Google’s flagship range. However, Flip the Pixel 3 over, and it will instantly turn off all notifications if you need a little quiet.

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