“Razer Viper Mini review” The Razer Viper Mini mouse has an appealing quality about it. It takes the greatest gaming mouse for shooters and compresses it down to size, much like the Razer DeathAdder Mini. It’s sort of nice as a ‘baby’ version of the full-fat option. However, that does not lessen its worth. Much of what makes the Razer Viper fantastic is present here.

The Razer Viper Mini, on the other hand, manages to retain the majority of its predecessor’s allure. It’s even better than the original in several aspects.

Razer Viper Mini Review: Features

Razer Viper Mini Review

The Razer Viper Mini appears to be the same as the original Viper or the Razer Viper Ultimate. There are new Optical Switches for faster clicks, an emphasis on esports, a Speedflex cable for reduced drag, six customizable buttons, and 100% PTFE feet for smoother, quicker glides.

Nonetheless, it enhances the notion in significant ways. To begin, it places the DPI button just beneath the scroll wheel. This is a significant advancement. Because the original mouse had it on the underside, making modifications in the middle of a game was nearly impossible. Second, it is lighter. The Viper Mini weighs only 2.15oz (61g), making it a lightweight gadget that is ideal for travel. Furthermore, it has a larger logo and underlighting in the back.

However, certain pieces have been lost. Unfortunately, this device only has an 8,500 DPI resolution and is not ambidextrous (there are only two buttons on the left side). There are also no grips on the flanks.

Pros and Cons


  • Price competition
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • DPI storage onboard
  • One of the few mouse alternatives that is acceptable for little hands.
  • Switches for optical signals


  • True ambidextrousness does not exist.
  • Awful scroll wheel
  • The budget sensor is a new (and very unproven) device.
  • Too thin for average-sized hands.


Razer Viper Mini Review

Instead of the smooth, complete shell found on the Razer Naga Left-Handed Edition or the Razer DeathAdder V2, the Viper is separated into distinct pieces by a cutout down the middle. This implies that the left and right clicks are independent of the chassis. It also lacks the standard rubber or plastic grips on both sides.

Certain things, though, will be familiar. The ridged scroll wheel is identical to that seen on Razer’s DeathAdder mouse, and the RGB lighting isn’t out of the norm for recent Razer mice.


The Razer Viper Mini functions brilliantly despite having a lower DPI score. It’s the ideal size for folks with tiny or medium-sized hands, and the absence of grips doesn’t prevent it from feeling completely in control when in use. Furthermore, the 100% PTFE feet provide smoother motions for quicker reactions. Indeed, in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, it appears like you hardly have to move your hand to line up a headshot.

Sure, the regular Viper and many comparable mice with DPIs of 16,000 and higher are more responsive. And it’s a shame that the Viper Mini can’t compete, especially given its concentration on esports. However, unless you’re eager for the most responsive, tournament-ready pointer, it will still serve you well.

The fact that it shares the same optical switches as the full-size model is a plus. These use an infrared laser to detect clicks, resulting in a blazingly fast 0.2-millisecond reaction time. This means you can be faster on the trigger in shooters than many other players, which isn’t a bad thing when fractions of a second might be the difference between success and failure.

They’re also a pleasure to use, with the Razer Viper Mini’s switches providing a crisp click and satisfying action while you’re working on your next movie or navigating spreadsheets at work.


The Razer Viper Mini takes one stride forward and one step back. Although the DPI score is lower than I’d like, this smaller version has several significant improvements over the original. The problem is that this mouse was designed with a specific objective and purpose in mind, both of which it accomplishes well.

If you want the greatest gaming mouse but don’t want to spend a fortune on it and aren’t concerned with having the quickest draw in the world, the Razer Viper Mini is a good alternative. Those Optical Switches are also incredible.

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