“Xbox controller paddles” The Xbox controller is unquestionably one of the best gamepads ever created, which accounts for the Xbox Series X|S’s few alterations. It also has the advantage of working well with PC and smartphone games.
However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for improvement. If you want to upgrade your online shooter’s performance or replace your controller, there are many fantastic solutions available, both from Microsoft and other manufacturers.
Unlike the PS5, the vast majority of Xbox controllers operate on both the Xbox Series X and Series S in addition to the older Xbox One hardware, so if you switch to the newer Xbox Series X, you may keep your current collection of controllers.

Xbox controller paddles: How Do Controller Paddles Work?

Xbox controller paddles

High-end controllers frequently have controller paddles on the back, which normally come in pairs or four to a gamepad. In order to play, you can use your fingers wrapped around the controller.
These paddles are frequently mappable, allowing you to give them alternate button assignments. You could designate ‘X’ to stand for jump if you wanted to.

2023’s Top 5 Xbox Controllers

We present to you the top 5 Xbox Controllers at the moment:

Best overall: Xbox Wireless Controller

  • Authorized controller
  • Affordable
  • Numerous colors


  • Is not rechargeable
  • standard buttons

More information

These controllers are wonderful, and if you need a second pad for multiplayer or to replace a broken controller, they’re the obvious choice. Yes, if you own an Xbox, then you already have one of these controllers.
You don’t have to choose the standard white or black anymore because Microsoft now offers the controllers in a vast variety of different colors, including some two-tone combinations and even a pair of Minecraft designs.
Additionally, it has been continuously adjusting and enhancing the controller, so if you purchase one now, it might be superior to your original controller in terms of wireless range, Bluetooth compatibility, and a 3.5mm headphone connection.

The Best – Xbox Design Lab for Custom Style


  • Authorized controller
  • Adaptable color schemes
  • Arbitrary engraving


  • It Is not rechargeable
  • You can only alter how it looks

More information

Visit Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab if you’re seeking a distinctive official Xbox controller. You may use the service to create your own unique Xbox controller, customizing the triggers, D-Pad, and analog sticks in addition to the body’s color and finish. Do you desire a gray controller with red accents? That is doable. analog sticks in purple and blue with gold? Yes, that is also conceivable.
In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab offers over 1 billion different color options. Additionally, placing an order is simple because all of your customization options—including colors, materials, engraving, grips, and more—will be represented on-screen by a simulated Xbox controller.

This enables you to see the controller and ensure that the color scheme is ideal before selecting the buy button.
Microsoft also offers a variety of ready-made Design Lab controllers for just about every occasion that you can buy as-is or use as a starting point to customize if you want something unique but aren’t particularly creative. The Design Lab controllers have Bluetooth connectivity and 2 AA batteries for power, just like the conventional controllers.
It’s important to note that the controllers don’t offer any additional functionality over the original controller, in contrast to the modified controllers below that allow you to change the D-pad and analog sticks or add new paddles. The Xbox pad is perfect for exceptional gameplay.

Nacon Pro Compact – The Top Cheap Pro Pad

  • Compact,
  • Sensitivity settings for the analog stick
  • Low-cost pro option


  • Wired-only
  • There are no paddles.

More information

If you’re searching for a pro-level Xbox controller, the Nacon Pro Compact is a surprisingly reasonable option.
Although it is wired-only, the 3m braided cable that is included should be sufficient to reach the console in the majority of living rooms. This eliminates the need for batteries, at least.

This “pro” controller doesn’t have a travel case or interchangeable buttons, and you don’t even get a set of back paddles, unlike some other “pro” controllers. You do, however, get excellent customization of the standard buttons.
In addition to remapping every button, you can also establish dead zones and change the sensitivity of the triggers and analog sticks. You can easily do this using the free Pro Compact program, which is accessible on PCs, or directly through the Xbox program Store. This allows you to make all of your adjustments on the console itself.
This is also smaller than most controllers, as the name suggests. It was too small and unpleasant for my hands, but if you are aware that your paws are smaller than the average person’s, this might be a great option for you.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro – The Greatest Wired Controller.


  • Extra weights and customized sticks
  • Handy, feature-rich software


  • Wired
  • No other color choices

More information

If you want total control over your playing style and don’t mind selecting a wired controller for Xbox and PC, the Revolution X Pro from Nacon is a controller to think about.
The Revolution X Pro design is based on the original Xbox controller, but with a contemporary twist that adds extra flourishes like illumination and an RGB ring around the right thumbstick. The back of the device has two sizable programmable buttons and a separate button for navigating through the four different profile settings.
Revolution X Software, which is available for Windows and Xbox, allows you to modify these profiles.
Here, you can customize the RGB lighting, the vibration intensity, the D-pad’s four to eight directions, the full button mapping, stick and trigger response curves, and even the audio, which includes support for Dolby Atmos through compatible headphones.

You also get extra weights that can be stored in chambers inside the controller, an interchangeable stick top and base (with concave and convex variations), and a travel case in the box. All of these complement the cozy and ergonomic design well.
The cost is fairly fair given the number of customizable features. There are no more colors or faceplate options available, though, and that might be a deal-breaker for some.

Best Accessibility Xbox Adaptive Controller


  • Very good accessibility
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited customizability


  • Still require more inputs & accessories

More information

Even though the majority of gamers will never feel the need to use one, Microsoft’s official Adaptive Controller is one of the most interesting game controllers in recent memory.
The Adaptive Controller began as a partnership with a charity that was creating specialized gadgets to aid combat veterans who would find a standard controller challenging or even impossible to use. Its goal was to provide accessibility to gaming for those who might find a traditional controller difficult or even impossible to use.
The device features a large D-pad and two simple buttons, along with 21 inputs for connecting various devices, including buttons, pads, controllers, and pedals, using USB and 3.5mm ports for a versatile gaming setup.

You can save up to three different input profiles to switch between on the fly, but each input defaults to a specific button on the conventional Xbox pad. This allows you to use various control schemes for various games without having to alter the physical connections.
The new copilot mode also enables you to share inputs with a second controller so that two players can play a game as the same character while handling different controls simultaneously.
The Adaptive Controller, designed by Microsoft, features threaded mounts and a rechargeable battery with a 25-hour lifespan. It uses USB-C input for ease of use and eliminates the need for changing batteries. The design addresses challenges for players with limb or coordination issues.

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