It goes without saying that if you are familiar with social media and how it functions, you may encounter some slang along the way. To get the most out of the user experience, it’s crucial to comprehend the acronyms and terms you may come across while browsing. Moreover, one of the social media platforms that is well-known for its acronyms is Instagram. Discover the significance of CFS on Instagram by continuing to read.

Definition of CFS

A close friend story is what Instagram’s new CFS feature, which debuted in 2018, essentially means. Thus, in 2023, the acronym CFS refers to a close friend’s story; however, before the feature’s introduction, CFS served as a feature or tagline for anyone who came to follow me.
The CFS, or close friends story, is a feature on Instagram that was popularized by users in 2018 when they possessed a large following.
However, CFS would be the ideal option to share intimate moments with your closest friends if you wanted to do so, which is why this feature was added.
Inspiration came from WhatsApp status privacy. In WhatsApp, users can primarily choose who to hide from and who to show their status to.

What Does CFS Mean on Instagram? How to Turn on the CFS Features

To share amusing and adorable pictures and videos with your closest friends, simply activate the CF feature by doing the following:

Launch the Instagram app and select your profile in the lower-right corner.
Close friends can be found by tapping the menu button in the top-right corner.
If you don’t already have a closed list, hit “Get Started” to add individuals to it. After you’ve decided on the names of your friends, click “Create List.”

What Are the Advantages of Instagram’s CFS Feature?

One of the most serious drawbacks of social media is the absence of privacy. Sharing too much personal information with a “friend” who is a stranger can be quite harmful. Even seemingly innocuous content can reveal critical information to predators. The CFS function gives you extra privacy options. You may:

  • Choose the people you want on your CF list.
  • Choose which personal moments you’d like to share.
  • At any time, you can easily update your Close Friends List.

How do you use Instagram to publish to CFS?

Here are the simple procedures you must follow before publishing to your CFS:

  • Start the Instagram app.
  • Click the “+” button at the top of your screen.
  • At the bottom of your screen, select “Story.”
  • Choose what you want to publish.
  • Select the green “Close Friends” button.

That’s it! After you enable this option, only the closest friends on your list will be able to see what you publish on your private story.


As was previously mentioned, CF stands for close friends in slang. On Instagram, it’s widely utilized. CF is a great way to restrict access to your data to a small number of carefully chosen people. Additionally, it serves as an excellent security feature by shielding your location from prying eyes. Share your posts with your close friends and family without fear or hesitation now that you have a deeper understanding of what CF means and how to use this Instagram feature.


How do Close Friends get suggested on Instagram?

You will encounter the “Suggested” tab when compiling your list of close friends. It’s a list that Instagram has produced to help you decide who to include in your CFS. Instagram makes recommendations for users who you interact with the most on the app, as you’ll notice.

If someone has you in their CFS on Instagram, how can you tell?

Only when someone posts can you determine whether or not you’re in their Close Friends Story. The circle surrounding a user’s narrative on the main page will become green if they list you as one of their closest friends. A green bar titled “Close Friends” will appear after you click on their story. So said.

Is it possible to unfollow someone on Instagram?

Regretfully, it is difficult to unfriend someone on Instagram. You can only unfollow or block someone on Instagram to remove them from your list of close friends.
If you don’t want to go to that extent, just click and hold the story you wish to hide, then select “Mute story.”. This will prevent that person’s stories from appearing in your story list in the future.

When you post on CFS, will Instagram let your friends know?

The notification process for updates to your Close Friends Story is the same as it is for updates to your normal Instagram story. Your private story will appear in the story bar at the top of each person’s homepage once you publish it. However, with a green circle surrounding it, the story—a Close Friends story—will be at the top of the homepage’s story list.
Close Friends Stories on Instagram have a 24-hour lifespan, just like regular stories. Try turning your story into a highlight so it can be featured on your profile permanently if you want it to remain up for longer than a day. This also applies to those who can see it; the story in your highlight will only be visible to people you have added to your Close Friends list.

Can you broadcast live on CFS’s Instagram?

It may not be something you have to wait for forever, even though Instagram does not presently support going live on CFS. Be sure to keep an eye out for this update in the future, as Instagram is always updating its features for its users’ enjoyment.

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