“What is ChatPDF?” ChatPDF is a new addition to the line of AI-powered utilities. In layman’s terms, you can upload any PDF containing text material and request that AI explain it to you, answer questions about the written content, translate it to another language, or locate a certain paragraph/sentence.

ChatPDF is not only entertaining but also really useful. If you are a student, you can post a research paper and related questions to learn more thoroughly. You can submit a legal contract and ask it to explain it in basic English without all the jargon, among other things.

The options are endless, and this article will show you exactly what you can do using ChatPDF.

What exactly is ChatPDF?

ChatPDF is an AI-powered chatbot that can summarize, respond to questions, quickly extract (find a particular word or paragraph), and translate PDFs. ChatPDF receives PDFs as ‘prompts’ (inputs).

You don’t even need to establish an account if you don’t want to; simply go to the website and start playing. A legal contract, a research paper, a handbook, an essay, and a textbook are all acceptable uploads. Simply put, you can upload any written document.

In a sense, you may now converse with your written material. You can ask ChatPDF to explain a topic to you like you’re five years old, translate it to any other language, and search the entire book for a specific topic, paragraph, or sentence.

What is the difference between ChatPDF and ChatGPT?

The GPT 4.0 model has a maximum number of 32,400 tokens, which corresponds to approximately 1,30,000 words. When using the GPT 3.5 model, the token maximum is 4097. To put this in context, this token limit is for input and output (i.e., the text you write as a prompt will also consume tokens from this limit, leaving substantially fewer tokens for a response).

ChatPDF, on the other hand, does not have that limitation. ChatPDF can easily execute the aforementioned activities on PDFs up to 30 MB in size. However, at the time of writing, ChatPDF cannot understand images. However, that feature will be available in the future.

What is ChatPDF: How do I utilize ChatPDF?

It is quite simple to use ChatPDF. All you have to do is upload or provide a link to the PDF, and you can begin asking questions and/or have the PDF summarized for you.

First, go to www.chatpdf.com. Then, to sign in, select ‘My account’. ChatPDF only supports sign-in with Google services at the time of writing. Signing in will allow you to save your conversation history, but it is not required. A new browser tab will appear on your screen as a result. Log in to your Google account using these details.

Go to ChatPDF

You are now ready to visit ChatPDF’s website after downloading your PDF.

Submit your PDF

Select the PDF you wish to upload to the chatbot by clicking the Drop PDF Here section. You may also simply drag the file into the Drop PDF Here box.

Begin asking questions

You will be sent to the actual chatbot once you have uploaded the file. There, you’ll find a quick synopsis of your PDF as well as suggested questions to ask to learn more about it. The next step in the dialogue is up to you!


What does it cost to utilize ChatPDF?

ChatPDF is a free tool for summarizing files and answering inquiries about PDFs. However, if you want to go above the free plan’s limit of three uploads with a maximum of 120 pages each day, you can subscribe to the Plus plan for $5 per month.

Is it better to sum up articles using ChatGPT or ChatPDF?

Because ChatGPT will no longer have internet or information access after 2021, it is prone to making mistakes when creating summaries. Use ChatPDF instead of ChatGPT to summarize a PDF since the results are more accurate, quicker, free, and reliable.

What technology is ChatPDF based on?

OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 huge language model, which is also utilized by ChatGPT, powers ChatPDF.

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