“What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer?” A portable sterilizer cleans smartphone screens and other electronic devices.  While the safety switch turns off the UV lamp if the sanitizer is facing upward, this device still poses a higher UV exposure risk than enclosed machines. If you’re convinced that you can use it safely, this inexpensive sterilizer promises to provide the peace of mind you’re searching for while you travel, conduct errands, or clean up at home.

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What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer?

What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer

This compact, clamshell sterilizer offers an alternative cleaning technique for cleaning your smartphone screen and other equipment. With the press of a button, the specialized LEDs emit a high-energy beam of UVC (ultraviolet C) light, efficiently cleaning surfaces without the use of chemicals. UVC radiation has the ability to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds. CleanPod LEDs, unlike traditional UVC lamps, contain no mercury and turn on immediately without any warmup period; plus, they’re precisely tailored to generate UVC light at maximal germicidal wavelengths. Compared to Clorox wipes, this reusable handheld sanitizer is much more environmentally friendly.

What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer: 5 Point Experiences?

The CleanPod is sold in a very simple retail bundle. The front of the box features an outline depiction of the goods. In all honesty, it doesn’t resemble the CleanPod, but I’m sure that’s the case. The CleanPod, a USB-C charging cable, a soft case for storing the CleanPod, a wrist lanyard, and the user manual are all included in the box. The charging cable is gray, while the CleanPod, storage pouch and lanyard are all white. This color scheme goes well with the box concept.

The user manual contains numerous safety instructions, including:

  • UVC light is damaging to the skin and the eyes. Use the product neither on people nor on animals.
  • Do not expose the product to fire, as it may explode.
  • Do not use the product in a humid environment (e.g., restrooms), since short-circuit damage may occur.
  • If the product becomes abnormally hot or distorted when charging, cease charging immediately.
What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer

The booklet also explains how UVC light kills germs and bacteria. It adds that UVC radiation has been shown to be particularly effective in eliminating bacteria and other diseases by scrambling their DNA and RNA (their genetic code). When administered correctly, it can destroy up to 99.9% of infections. UVC radiation, produced by the sun, is not harmful to viruses, but it damages their genetic components, making them incapable of reproducing. It is absorbed by the ozone layer, leading to skin cancer and cataracts.

What is Cleanpod UVC Sterilizer

The CleanPod, despite being reproduced in covered cases, lacks UVC radiation protection and LEDs without a cover, causing eye and skin harm. Its safety switch must be flipped to turn the wand on, but it’s not a significant safety feature, preventing accidental power usage in a bag.

The CleanPod is an extremely simple instrument to operate. It claims that it takes 30 seconds to cleanse an area of germs. Simply turn it on and use a calm, steady sweeping motion (back and forth). It charges through USB-C, which is a significant plus in my book, and the wand will switch off automatically after 3 minutes.


Right now, you can never be too careful—not even with ordinary germs. The CleanPod helps fight the germ war and makes me feel a little safer when doing simple tasks like sterilizing the daily mail or cell phone.

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