“YouTube on Switch” If you’re unfamiliar with the Nintendo Switch, you might be curious about whether you can watch YouTube videos on it. In this article, we’ll show you how to add the YouTube app to your Nintendo Switch and provide you with a few other helpful tips you can use after it has been added.

Is YouTube Compatible with the Nintendo Switch?

With the official YouTube app, you can view YouTube on a Nintendo Switch. You can do everything—catch up on the news, unwind with amusing animal videos, or watch a Let’s Play of the newest game. Download the YouTube app for Switch to begin watching YouTube videos.

How to use the Nintendo Switch to access YouTube

For your Switch to access YouTube:

  1. Launch the Nintendo eShop. Choose the orange shopping bag symbol with the label “Nintendo eShop” from the circle of icons at the bottom of the home screen by scrolling down.
  2. After the eShop has loaded, move your cursor to “Search” in the top-left corner.
  3. Do a “YouTube” search.
  4. The first thing that should show up is the free YouTube app. After choosing it, click “Free Download.”
  5. Click “Free Download” once again on the following page. You might be required to provide your Nintendo ID login details.
  6. Permit the app to download for a while. Upon completion, you’ll receive a notification, and the icon will show up on your home screen.
  7. To activate the app, tap it with your finger or use a controller to go to it.
  8. You can use the app while signing out after it opens or sign in as soon as it opens.
  9. You can fast-forward and rewind videos while watching them by using the touchscreen or the left joystick. Other buttons will reveal further menus.

How can I install the YouTube app on my Nintendo Switch?

It’s simple to watch YouTube on the Nintendo Switch. Simply download the app from the Nintendo Shop, launch it, and begin searching for movies just as you would on a computer or smartphone.

To install YouTube on your console, follow these simple instructions:

  • Ensure that your Nintendo account is active and logged in.
  • Select your user account after opening the Nintendo eShop.
  • Choose Search/Browse and navigate to YouTube.
  • Wait for the system to finish installing the YouTube app after downloading it.
  • After installation, you can start watching your YouTube videos without logging into your Google account.

How can I use my Nintendo Switch to browse YouTube videos?

The Switch YouTube app is simple to use. All you have to do is navigate from top to bottom or vice versa by using the left joystick to find videos on the left or right. It also works to use the touchscreen in handheld mode, but it has some limitations because you can’t swipe up or down with it.

It’s odd that this well-made program doesn’t yet use the right joystick. In any case, the left joystick should operate for the most part and be sufficiently functional.

For the Nintendo Switch, how can you restrict YouTube content?

If you’re worried that your child will have unrestricted access to all YouTube content, you can use the Restricted Mode to limit which videos they can see.
All mature content is prohibited when YouTube Restricted Mode is activated and is inaccessible until the feature is disabled. However, Restricted Mode is not flawless because it labels content as mature using algorithms, metadata, video titles, reviews, and descriptions.
Not every objectionable video on YouTube is necessarily inappropriate for children, as it can be difficult to filter everything.
Nevertheless, it’s a useful function that parents may find useful at this time.

If you decide to activate Restricted Mode, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Switch YouTube app from the Home screen.
  • Scroll down to the Settings icon on the left panel and click it.
  • Select Restricted Mode by searching for it.
  • Press A to activate restricted mode after selecting the On option.

Alternatively, you can disable the YouTube app on your Switch by heading to the Parental Controls section and selecting the Child and Pre-teen settings for the child’s profile.

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